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'Lite' sites 

Love 'lite' versions of websites; info w/o visual garbage.

I use text-only NPR: <>

& the Skinny Guardian: <>

Any other recs?

#LISMentalHealth, ADHD, 

Finally put together an post this year. It's a little messy, so I'll likely refine it over the next few days.

It blends things I've seen &learned from the , being , library folks, my parents, & etc.

Plus: references to "Howl".

D&D dungeon master practices & instructional design 

‪Pretty sure there's a lot of folks in the Fediverse who teach—particularly library folks—who'll enjoy this take on how instructional design can be improved by thinking like a dungeon master.‬

‪"Benevolent subversions" is a phrase that'll stick in my mind, too.‬

request for OA definition of positionality 

Can anyone link to a—preferably :OpenAccess: open access / open web / OER—source with a good definition of "positionality"?

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's entry on "Feminist Perspectives on the Body" ( ) is the closest I've found thus far.

I'm hoping to find something closer to 3 sentences long. Social sciences, ethnic studies, critical race theory would be closer to the target audience's mindset than philosophy.

UC Santa Cruz grad student strike, petition for non-UCSC faculty to show support 

If you're tenure-track, contingent, or tenured faculty, please consider signing this petition in support of UC Santa Cruz grad students striking for decent housing and livable wages.

They are now threatened by Janet Napolitano with being fired if they don't stop their strike by Feb 21st.

libraries cannot be neutral (meme & other social media site link) 

Over on the birdsite, Dr. Robin James reiterates: "All claims for the non ideological or apolitical character of X are political and ideological claims."

Considering all the asinine approaches to "neutrality" in libraries lately, I had to make this image to help reinforce the point.

The perfect date... 🌹

Article about :OpenAccess: journals 

"Mutinous librarians" :librarian_hushing:

> Open access journals get a boost from librarians—much to Elsevier’s dismay

maybe making a website theme? 

So I ended up making good progress on that academic website theme for GitHub Pages.

The goal is for it to be editable entirely within the browser interface, for folks who don't want to have to install Jekyll or other techie stuff.

If you want to try it out, here's an early version of it:

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Ooh, super excited to see action happening with @sandstormIO! An amazing project. Maybe I'll re-up my subscription (especially if they adopt a co-op model).

Antiracist resources (link to post on a corporate social media site) 

Here's a link to a meta-thread with antiracist resources, compiled by a medievalist:

disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

That simultaneously seems like a good insight and profoundly unworkable, since what I consider my best products & my best ways of working have always been connected to sustained ADHD hyperfocusing… ways of using my brain & time that really aren't compatible with the daily structures that come with any life rhythm beyond 24/7 grad student living.

Here's to making new practices & dispositions, I guess?

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disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

Running with the music analogies, maybe what I need to do is *~practice~* writing like I have in the past practiced guitar / bass.

Then each article submission or conference paper would be more like playing a show or recording a song: a smaller set of movements I want to showcase, having honed and discarded related movements elsewhere.

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disciplines, interdisciplinarity, forms 

Feeling those interdisciplinarity blues & wondering what sort of genre/form would suit the ways I think.

If academic disciplines are roughly equivalent to ways of knowing, each of which correlates to a preferred genre / mode for expressing knowledge… what's an adequately interdisciplinary form?

A dj mix? A (sequenced, unmixed) mixtape? A field recording of a listener scrolling through radio stations? A compilation / anthology with reading notes?

Humanities: the semantic meaning of content warnings might be complex, vary depending on context, and may not be apparent on their face.

Social sciences: people use systems in unique and surprising ways, and biases you bring and impose on your research will blind you to them. You should definitely studies carefully to mitigate that effect.

STEM majors: we had a brain genius idea, ran some stolen info through an algorithm, and came to an infallible conclusion. Where's our money?

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I'm editing an open book available publicly available on web & also downloadable in PDF & ebook. I have a question about the accessibility of how I'm doing premises and conclusions for philosophical arguments with ordered lists <ol>. Please see this post (replies here or there welcome!)

maybe making a website theme? 

Clearly, the question is: what to call it?

I want the name to nod to its origins, possibly be funny, …and to be honest, possibly *discourage* its adoption by anyone who'd expect lots of maintenance / free labor from me.

Ideas so far:
- Remote Academic Mistakes
- Distance Learning
- Minimal Academics

If anyone has inspiration for names or ideas about the theme, I'm interested.

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maybe making a website theme? 

Now that I'm back in the mindset of updating my website, I might spend time the next few days / weeks making an academic-oriented fork of Minimal Mistakes^1 that incorporates some of the AcademicPages^2 techniques for creating a CV.


The new version of Minimal Mistakes has a remote gem option, which basically simplifies maintenance by letting its creator update a source that everyone else's site pulls from.

ADHD, experimentation, + 

As part of my emerging "hey, infrastructure" theme, I've been trying out a sort of "interface layer" between my daily tasks & my longer-term goals (weekly, monthly, choose yr fave longer-than-a-day increment).

So far I've been doing this in a single file with headers.

It simultaneously feels like a powerful addition to this way of tracking tasks & a really dangerous deviation from how I've managed everything the last few years.

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