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Just heard a vehicle's squeaky breaks briefly harmonize… it was kind of an octave pedal sorta deal?

Henceforth, all vehicles are now expected to have Smashing Pumpkins / Silversun Pickups effects installed by the manufacturer.

< insert "ralph-nader-turns-amp-to-11.gif " >

The Interior Department announced that it officially voted to rename more than 600 places in the U.S. that include a racist slur against Native women. Sq**w Creek is now Nammi’I Naokwaide (Shoshoni for "Young Sister Creek"). Sq**w Mountain is now Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain, honoring Owl Woman of the Cheyenne.

I don't have access to this 2010 article, but knowing how long things can take to be publishes, I'd love to know *~when~* this survey was conducted:

If you have access, would you be so kind as to let me know?

Irony poisoning is antithetical to building strong community bonds, and strong community bonds are required for building solidarity to create a better future.

Excessive irony makes it incredibly unclear if someone is operating in good faith, which means we must fall back to hypervigilance and gossip for self preservation and community building, which I honestly believe is untenable in the long term.

Tech/racist grump 

I would like all y’all tech creators to go way out of your way to correct the number of times I’m required to read the word “master” on a daily basis. Yes, do tech work “for free”, especially, especially, if you don’t understand immediately and didn’t already do this yourself because it bothers you as well or thought of money first. Also terms like whitelisting and blacklisting need to fuck off. And I’m not willing to do the work of that. Please do this for us

Realizing just now that I've spent the entire pandemic not beginning video calls with "hailing frequencies open"

Rumors are solidifying of a Tiktok and WeChat breach, possibly from a company in both supply chains.

Change passwords and turn on multi-factor accordingly.

Communication and Media Studies at York University is searching for an assistant professor doing critical AI and Data Studies work:

This includes scholars focusing on indigenous data practices, social justice, and critical studies of inequality due to AI.

I literally just joined Comm and Media Studies at York yesterday, but if I can answer any questions about this position, please feel free to DM me.

Boosts appreciated.

Randomly curious whether RC Cola never took off in the UK, for similar reasons to why the Chevy Nova was "inexplicably" unpopular in Latin America.

Eleanor Shellstrop 🤝 Me learning Git

"You know when I say 'fork' I don't mean 'fork', right?"

In my creative writing class today, I spontaneously spouted to my students, "poems are sensation-machines," & it's probably the truest fucking words I've said as an instructor.

John Cage Archives: it's 4 boxes with 33 empty folders spread between them.

Would you be interested in a fitness-tracking focused space on the Fediverse?

Doug Belshaw ( @dajbelshaw ) is looking for thoughts & feedback on such a space.

Check the toot if yr interested:

Anyone who interacts or has interacted with the above tweet is obligated to know that Bang on a Can has a YouTube channel:

Sorry, I don't make the rules.

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Just this hour I learned that when I see "Clang" in code, it's usually pronounced "C lang," not like the onomatopoetic word for what metal does when thwacked.

The Alan Turing Institute gets it.
BTW, if you don't know who Alan Turing is, do yourself a favor & look him up right now!

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