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top suggestions for a "How to Online Student 101" guide? 

I'm making a "How to Online Student 101" guide for my community college's students—both because it can be helpful and because I think we in the library will do a more empathetic version than our non-library colleagues who initially said it should happen.

We've got a very distinct digital divide here in Idaho, serving some very rural areas as well as the state's biggest cities.

Anyone have favorite guides or top other suggestions?

information literacy jargon 

New in this version:

* infophage


* consumer of information

methodological tendencies 

🎤I go: hey, just give me a measure, please
all I want is a measure
And they couldn't give it to me!


funded Ph.D. research positions on non-Anglophone science fictions / futurisms 

Two awesome-sounding funded positions for Ph.D. candidates in Norway to study contemporary non-Anglophone science fictions, each apparently fully-funded for 3 years.

Latin American futurisms:

Chinese futurisms:

The CoFutures project overall sounds great, too!

ADHD musings 

I'm fortunate that I only work in this open office (basically a cubicle/ carrel farm) about once a week. It's usually supremely distracting, even when I have earbuds in & music on, ie shields up.

But today, one of my colleagues in here is verbalizing her thoughts just barely above a whisper, and it's incredibly, surprisingly charming.

She's at least a generation older than me & a Comp/Rhet instructor. I often wonder if folks like this are part of our large undiagnosed ADHD squad.

I'm looking for critical papers/articles on collaborative office software (GDocs, Office 365), perhaps as part of platform capitalism.

Any pointers appreciated.
#mastohelp #mediastudies #softwarestudies #criticaldatastudies

Opening line for your novel 

"Once upon a time, in a land faraway, in the year of Linux on the desktop ..."

'Lite' sites 

Love 'lite' versions of websites; info w/o visual garbage.

I use text-only NPR: <>

& the Skinny Guardian: <>

Any other recs?

#LISMentalHealth, ADHD, 

Finally put together an post this year. It's a little messy, so I'll likely refine it over the next few days.

It blends things I've seen &learned from the , being , library folks, my parents, & etc.

Plus: references to "Howl".

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

D&D dungeon master practices & instructional design 

‪Pretty sure there's a lot of folks in the Fediverse who teach—particularly library folks—who'll enjoy this take on how instructional design can be improved by thinking like a dungeon master.‬

‪"Benevolent subversions" is a phrase that'll stick in my mind, too.‬


request for OA definition of positionality 

Can anyone link to a—preferably :OpenAccess: open access / open web / OER—source with a good definition of "positionality"?

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's entry on "Feminist Perspectives on the Body" ( ) is the closest I've found thus far.

I'm hoping to find something closer to 3 sentences long. Social sciences, ethnic studies, critical race theory would be closer to the target audience's mindset than philosophy.

UC Santa Cruz grad student strike, petition for non-UCSC faculty to show support 

If you're tenure-track, contingent, or tenured faculty, please consider signing this petition in support of UC Santa Cruz grad students striking for decent housing and livable wages.

They are now threatened by Janet Napolitano with being fired if they don't stop their strike by Feb 21st.

libraries cannot be neutral (meme & other social media site link) 

Over on the birdsite, Dr. Robin James reiterates: "All claims for the non ideological or apolitical character of X are political and ideological claims."

Considering all the asinine approaches to "neutrality" in libraries lately, I had to make this image to help reinforce the point.

The perfect date... 🌹

Article about :OpenAccess: journals 

"Mutinous librarians" :librarian_hushing:

> Open access journals get a boost from librarians—much to Elsevier’s dismay

maybe making a website theme? 

So I ended up making good progress on that academic website theme for GitHub Pages.

The goal is for it to be editable entirely within the browser interface, for folks who don't want to have to install Jekyll or other techie stuff.

If you want to try it out, here's an early version of it:

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information as part of the physical world 

Loving this quote from physicist Rolf Landauer: "Information is not a disembodied abstract entity; it is always tied to a physical representation. It is represented by an engraving on a stone tablet, a spin, a charge, a hole in a punched card, a mark on paper, or some other equivalent. This ties the handling of information to all the possibilities and restrictions of our real physical world, its laws of physics and its storehouse of available parts."

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