Realised with terror that it's already 26(!) years ago since 'Ende Neu' by Einstürzende Neubauten was released.

Still, an excellent album nonetheless.

On the one hand, I would like to write a modern open source journal software that is robust, does not look like a brown envelope, and is not frankensteined together from three decades of PHP history. On the other, I know that I would lose interest approximately four hrs into the project, so nah.

Look what arrived: a reviewer.copy. Might be an interesting read.

It's a frontend day today and unsurprisingly my search engine requests consist of 90% 'wtf webpack?'.

Saturday afternoon: 'SPARQL; can't be so hard, looks like funky SQL to me.'

Sunday afternoon: 'Nobody needs triple stores anyway....'

The project I'm currently employed with is supporting SUCHO. Have a look at to see what they do to save Ukrainian cultural heritage during the Russian invasion.

*desperately googles 'user-friendly triple store'*

Set up a local Virtuoso server today for playing around with it and figuring out who it works -- and folks, that's such a different world than the one where I come from that it might takes year for me to just get a vague idea what's going on there.


"Philosophy [in:of:for:and] Digital Knowledge Infrastructures"

Our online workshop is taking place on the 8th of September 2022. We have eight exciting speakers providing a range of different perspectives on the relations between philosophy and digital knowledge structures:

Each talk section includes 20 minutes Q&A time for discussion with the audience. If you would like to attend, please email us at

Line terminator characters wasted a good hour of my lifetime by making my app not work. Watch out for those little bastards, folks, they hate us.

Aim for next year: writing a brief 'Docker for Philosophers' manual. Yet no idea what that should be about, though.

University of Glasgow has to open positions for postdocs in their fairly new Digital Knowledge: A New Framework for Digital Epistemic Virtues project.

(It's certainly not the worst thing to work with J.A. Carter, who's PI-ing this.)

When authors start with 'there are five things that are relevant for my research: first ..., second ..., third ..., and finally the fifth ...', I wonder whether it's really worth reading on.

So, I'm about to pull up a GitLab instance in a local Docker app to find out why our Docker app isn't working when it runs inside another Docker container in the GitLab CI/CD pipeline.

When exactly did become IT work like this?

For anyone interested in the philosophy of boredom and social media: I will be giving a brief talk about these things on Saturday, 9th of July, in the first Open Sessions block at the Joint Session in St. Andrews.

Check in and say hi.

I know I'm a bit late but this is an excellent book. Even if you're not a radical feminist but just a lukewarm liberal, there is much to take away from it.

Writing a conference abstract for a paper that does not exist yet and grappling with the old question: am I actually doing something serious here or am I just bullshitting?

Glasgow Airport this morning at 05:00. Let me tell you, commuting to between two countries is less fun than many assume.

One of the hills I'm willing to die on: this is the best Gin currently available.

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