I wrote a blog post on my activities in the fall quarter for a Japanese media studies group I'm part of called . Those who read Japanese, please check it out!


Oh, and we're planning to offer travel grants, so please don't be shy if you think money will be an issue. But do apply soon because we don't have funds to support everybody! :P

In the spirit of intersectionality and accessibility, we're inviting the general public to our conference, so presentations can make a splash beyond our own academic circles.

So please, apply, tell your friends, and get ready to have a wonderful, wholesome time thinking about, basically, how to make society a more inclusive, better place!!

We've been hard at work on this all fall quarter, and our goal is to put on a conference at the intersection of academia and activism, building on the wonderful disability activism that's been rocking the Stanford campus for the last year. We'll also be having artworks on display and we're trying to get a dance troupe to come in, ha ha.

Our first Call for Papers!!

"The Disability Studies Committee at Stanford University is proud to present its first annual graduate student conference: Mediations: Disability, Technology, and the Arts."

Anybody doing work even remotely related to disability studies, media studies, STS, queer studies, crip theory, intersectional work, mental health, critical theory, please do apply with a 300 word abstract to disabilitystudiescommittee@gmail.com!


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Hey everyone! I'm Frank, and I'm a PhD candidate who works on Japanese Media Studies and Disability Theory at Stanford University. My primary work explores the material and cultural dimensions of assistive technologies and popular portrayals of Deafness in Japan. Other interests include machine learning, journalism, video game studies, film and television studies, and communications. I'm new to Mastodon but very excited about finding it. Nice to meet you! (よろしくお願いします!)

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