Hi all, I'm James, a law academic working at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Teaching and writing on and (obviously...), and their intersection. Additional interests in and . Speaker of English and Japanese (and reader of French). The rest of my time is filled with caffeine and martial arts.


@jcf Nice to meet you! I've had more experience with Waseda rather than Todai but would love to spend more time on campus next time I'm in Tokyo. what kind of martial arts do you practice?

@frankmondelli よろしく! Every time I'm at Waseda I envy their facilities and the fact that they have buildings that aren't crumbling to dust... Say hello next time you're in town! I do a lot of aikido and also a strange mix of 古武術.

@jcf That sounds really cool! I would definitely love to drop back when I come back... hopefully in nine months if all goes well and I get some kind of dissertation fellowship! 😆

@frankmondelli 頑張ってね、I'm sure things will work out!

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