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Every time I see rightists trying to make their history look better by saying that Nazism was a left-wing movement I ask myself what do they have to say about Pinochet...

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Spotify is the new "I'm offering you a place to showcase your music and get noticed"...

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Hey there,
What's the best mastodon client for iOS in your opinion? I'd much rather use one that's open source, by the way.
I've been using Amaroq and like it, but there are some issues when refreshing content.

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"According to Twitter’s books, about 2 million people in the US had enough last quarter and outright stopped using it."
I'm one of those people! Twitter went from being an effective tool/platform for sharing information and organizing communities, to being a toxic echo chamber where people amassed social capital via harassment. But at least they still have William Shatner, so I guess they have that going for them?

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Casual reminder that disliking someone's actions/politics/etc. is still not a good excuse to make fun of their appearance.

Yes, even [specific person].

Criticize their actions, mock the stupid things they say, but leave their appearance off the table. Be better than that.

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A question that only now has occurred to me: any bass players out there?

@bgcarlisle editing my comment to make it shorter I ended up erasing what is my problem with it's a proprietary platform and, even though I find the way they are trying to make money mostly legit, I think we shouldn't rely on closed platforms owned by corporations. Who knows what they do and will do with our data...

@bgcarlisle I've been thinking more and more about this and actually have engaged in a discussion about it with some fellow academics. Most people say things as "I like being able to find people there". I'd like to hear what are the problems you see in it and if you know of free platforms that would make this possible.

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Reminder, the US congress is literally trying to exempt Transgender people from Civil Rights Protections.

If you're in the USA and can, you really need to make some noise about this, it's lead by the Republicans as usual phone and/or write them. So yeah, get onto your congress representative now, I would but in Australia so I can only help spread the word

Why am I more concerned about corporations mining our data than govt agencies spying on us? Because corporations actually pose a threat to democracy through user profiling and all its implications.
The government itself has always been able to abuse its power and in fact it is somewhat essential to the state as we know it, but if we make the government more accountable and improve democracy, we can mitigate these factors, which leads us back to the beginning of this post.

@theartguy Haha I see... and to think that the first thing that came to my head when I read your post was that a luthier could build an acoustic guitar with the table's top!

@theartguy which wood is it made of? If it's 'real' wood there's a lot of stuff you or someone else can build with it.

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#NetNeutrality is necessecary for free software, a free society, and a free Internet. Join us for #NetNeutralityDay!

@Gargron I think it's time we make the microscopic work of convincing friends to move over.
I've been trying to lower barriers giving all the info (mobile apps, preferred instance for their interests etc.) prior to them entering, but I'm looking for something more enticing. If many other friends aren't here, they don't get interested, and it comes full circle.

@bgcarlisle @xldrkp true, but I think persisting on the campaign to avoid paywalled journals is worth too.

@Tdorey the way you phrased it, no. 2 is still a bit broad, but I can easily think how 1 and 2 can intertwine. What would be this change at a human scale? Sounds like something of the greatest importance. Most people seem to not realize the implications of mass surveillance - because I firmly believe if they understood they wouldn't be so lighthearted, with that "nothing to hide" BS.

@Tdorey that's great. Go for it! What will be your doctorate on?