@powderpaint 's cover of "Spectrum" is a great song for dancing with your kitty

lb same goes for youtube subscriptions, artists you follow, series you no longer look forward to continuing, &c

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but you can delete those downloaded podcast episodes you’ll never get to, unsubscribe from that podcast you “should” like, and even skip that episode of your favorite podcast that’s about a subject that’ll stress you out!

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Mocking Texans for not driving/not being able to drive in these conditions is mocking people for making a safe choice.

If you don't have salt and sand stockpiles, enough plows, all the infrastructure that's keeping my area functioning after the snow just keeps coming and coming 😭 😭 😭 and you don't have experience driving in snow and ice, your safest choice is not going out!

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NEW VIDEO: POC Representation: Patterns & Pitfalls

sorry for delay on this one/general inactivity on here btw, been very unwell ^^;

pls comment on the yt if you wanna as it helps boost the algorithm ~


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tech whinging, Fruit Corporation sucks 

oh and I use it so little that it stays charged, which means that whenever I restore/update the software it has to stay plugged in, which degrades the battery I had replaced in the summer.

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tech whinging, Fruit Corporation sucks 

This usually works just fine, but the bank app needs an update, and I'm locked out of my Apple ID account, so now I have to back up and restore the dang piece of junk so I can update the app and deposit a lousy check 2/2

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tech whinging, Fruit Corporation sucks 

So I've been using a dumbphone for over a year now with an old iPod Nano for music (highly recommend making that switch for sanity's sake) and only really use my busted old iPhone to deposit checks anymore, but in order to wean myself off it I've had to enable restrictions with a passcode I can easily forget. 1/2

cursed research idea 

I should do something comparing sentence mixing in YouTube poops with the medieval poetic form of the cento


Finally finished Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer. God I love when a work so comfortably inhabits its medium that it can only be fully experienced through that medium. I had a similar experience with Slaughterhouse Five this past summer. Garland's adaptation demonstrates how fundamentally this particular story has to be transformed to achieve a comparable effect, which is kind of perfect thematically.

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**Amid Unrest in Haiti, ICE Deports Dozens — Including a 2-Month-Old Baby — into "Burning House"**

"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has deported at least 72 people to Haiti, including a 2-month-old baby and 21 other children. The deportations appear to be a contradiction of the Biden administration's order to deport only people with serious charges against them. Haiti fac…"


#news #bot

boy do I love only ever logging on *after* drama has happened and the offenders have been blocked.

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Anyone have music suggestions for while I'm working on research?

Neurodivergent and/or Queer/Trans creators especially welcome

(Do you make music? Share it with me!)

Book review; mention of slavery & racism as depicted deliberately in fiction 

Just finished Kindred by Octavia Butler. Harrowing read with a lot of thematic meat, and it flips the media cliché of black characters existing to serve and comfort white characters on its head: how horrifying would it be for a person to be drawn forcefully from their own life and made to act as a literal slaver's Magical Negro?

why did I have to find out from the late Harold Ramis' commentary track that Michael Shannon was in Groundhog Day?

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