Finally taking steps toward volunteering with Hopefully I can do for students who have difficulty reading classics what so many readers have done for me.

book rec, fiction 

I don't remember why, when, or on whose recommendation I borrowed it, but I just finished the audiobook for The First Day of Spring by Nancy Tucker. I'm a mess. It is so dark, so heartbreaking, and so, so bittersweet.

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Tired of folks psychologically diagnosing artists based on their artworks. Makes me grumpy. Grrr.


First day of PT for my shoulder. Wish me luck

Really proud of my friend finally getting into a good medieval studies PhD program

I have yet to see a Wordle that is a Loss edit, and honestly I admire all of your restraint.

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Hey friends.
Brag on yourselves.

What are you feeling really proud about?
It could be academic. It could also be personal!

(I may re-ask this tomorrow, cause I want to start the new year feeling good about accomplishments.)

ph pain 

Got my Moderna booster in one arm and my flu shot in the other, now I can't lift my arms without pain. I feel like Robert De Niro awkwardly tossing a pistol off a bridge in The Irishman.

My submission for our last fiction workshop meeting was well received by prof and students. Feeling pretty good right now.

Sometimes I sigh at the dizzying complexities of the observable world, and then I remember that this video exists

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Still working on Lupita's GFM:

She's a queer Caribbean writer and escaped an abusive relationship! Were trying to help her rebuild her life, every little bit counts. Pls rb, crosspost and or donate if you can! Thank you to everyone helping
If you would like to help but not use GFM, please shoot me a message and Ill give you my venmo/cashapp info

thank you to everyone who has boosted & donated!!

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hi I've spent all try trying to fix a blocked toilet please buy my band's music

The prof for my fiction workshop is encouraging us to approach our peers' submissions as readers, not as scholars. After taking all of undergrad and then some training myself to approach art like a scholar, it feels so counterintuitive stepping back (regressing, as it feels) to a position of "do I like reading this? Why or why not?"

concept: clips from racing sequences shot/directed by George Lucas (Grand Prix, his student shorts, the podrace, the speeder chase) set to “Vroom Vroom” by Charli XCX

40 pages into by Alex Ross and loving it. It's a wonderful discussion of the best and worst aspects of the cultural, philosophical, and political legacy of Richard Wagner's work with some genuinely hilarious moments, especially in regard to his mentorship of the young Friedrich Nietzsche.

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FB mention 

Very grateful to be in a position where I was able to delete my Facebook on principle years ago and suffer virtually no ill effects

I know that not everyone can do that because of the manipulative and shitty world we live in

But if you can, I recommend it

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