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Attempting Achaemenid shield pizza tonight. The store didn't have khalloumi, so I'm using paneer. Here's hoping the dough turns out well.

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Last night I made shakshouka but forgot to get pita, so I plated it on a bed of the good Kroger tortilla chips, and it was incredible. Huevos in purgatorio, if you will.

Caved and sprang for a Dell laptop for applying for jobs while I'm living in a two-month sublet. This model worked well enough at the schools where I substituted, and Gott sei Dank it plays .m4a files so I don't have to convert all my music after extracting it from a Mac-formatted external drive.

It's my last day substituting before moving, and the sub coordinator just made a little vegan nacho buffet for the other sub and me😊

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A week before moving is not a good time for an impulse to rewatch Twin Peaks.

Clearing out the attic yesterday my stepdad and I found a big honkin' PC tower from the floppy disk drive days. Definitely gonna scavenge that for parts.

Not people calling attention to historical detail in a period movie "worldbuilding"

Haris A. Durrani has done some of the most thoughtful, well-researched writing on Dune I've ever read, especially in regards to Herbert's relationship to Islam, anthropology, and the imperial dynamics of the novels.

Thank you all for having the courtesy to post your birdsite screenshots in dark mode.

Gonna be showing students The Kite Runner this week per their English teacher's instructions. I've never seen or read it, but they've been reading it. Should be interesting.

Finally moving out of suburbia into a college town where my sis lives. It'll be nice being near people my own age again. I missed socializing with scholars IRL.

Some kid in a class I'm subbing just said I looked like Harry Styles (I have my mask on.) Not sure how one gets that from a Hawai'ian shirt and khakis. Maybe it's just a lanky-white-dude-with-wavy-brown-hair thing? Kids are strange.

A neat thing about being an out-of-touch grandpa in a twentysomething’s body is not knowing when the Met Gala is happening until people on the Internet start complaining about how lame everybody involved is.

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‘To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the Ring cycle...'
-George Bernard Shaw

Burnt peanuts were great already. The French didn't need to add that shitty candy.

I would absolutely love to see a high camp adaptation of some of his plays though

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Nothing in the first few chapters of Wagnerism by Alex Ross could've prepared me for hearing about Joséphin Péladan. Dude had some issues, and was the worst sort of fin de siècle occultist (i.e. an insane tradcath).

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