Anarcho-nihilist critique of progressivism & socialism 

@ljwrites My history education wasn't even what you describe as anarchistic but I remember my advisor saying something to this effect in a class on European history in film. The path we've been walking only seems inevitable and linear when we look backwards.

@anarchiv @meena @bgcarlisle in the US they're called Frankfurters or franks on most packaging and signage but Wieners more colloquially

@Cyborgneticz "I don't want to be the Sandy Hook guy" bit late for that, bud

meta, war, alt right scum 

@cadxdr And then in every thread dunking on him for morality policing other queer authors while working for an arms manufacturer, there's always at least one of two people saying "actually this arms manufacturer is good because sometimes their weapons kill the bad people"

Turns out all it takes is Bad Lip Reading to make a bad musical slap.

@dmw at first glance it looked like the first half of the dictionary entry for the Latin word for "give:" do, dare, dedi, datus/-a/-um

GOP scumbag parody song 

If I have to have this stuck in my head, so do you.

@cadxdr pls refer to the origins of the word "bougie" and you have your answer


Orange carrots were a mistake. I would eat a bushel of every other cultivar of carrots before finishing another orange one.

@schratze @cadxdr @meena "I did not know hvat de fuk a 'hobbit' was. In general I must say, it's not easy to wage war on the realms of men when nobody knows what things are called."

@Cyborgneticz my guess is that people don't expect much insight from reaction videos, which are a lot less focused in terms of subject matter than commentary videos. Between the two I only really watch the former, mind you.

Got my substitute teaching permit for this county, so assuming I lock down this room for the next year I only have about a month left working at this restaurant

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