A run-down of how I blog using , and . Not a how-to, just a cheeky behind the scenes.

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@fumbling I read somewhere ”Emacs is a nice OS, but I prefer Linux”. 😄

I just found out about org mode and it sound really interesting to me. Struggling to get emacs working (out side the terminal as a regular app) on my Mac. Thanks for sharing your workflow!

@haagen Yeah, you can definitely jump down the rabbit hole with Emacs, but there's no need to go all or nothing. I started out using it as a very basic text editor and just gradually did more and more with it over time.

If you're having trouble on a Mac, check out the wiki page:

Seems like there's a bunch of ways to get going 😀

@fumbling yes I found that yesterday and got it to work! There is a lot to learn and it should definitely be done in small steps. Going to focus on OrgMode to start with - I have a thought how that can be really nice to keep track of notes. Running it in Evil mode so I at least am familiar with a portion of the keyboard shortcuts.

@haagen Nice one! I'm looking into improving my note taking with Org too 🗒️ 👌

@fumbling the thing that makes this really promising to me is that if I save the files on #nextcloud it will work between my different machines.

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