Site's back online and in pristine condition ✨✨ While I was at it, I set up a URL shortener using! Latest post can also be found at:

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@fumbling Looks nice, but we don't really need shorteners, since urls take up a set amount of characters and we like to see where links take us.

@jaranta Actually, I agree that URL shorteners are unnecessary. Particularly since, as mentioned, the URL takes a fixed amount of space in a toot/tweet and there's a lot of semantic/security value in the full link. I don't see myself using the shortened links all that often. But there are offline, promotional use cases (e.g. posters etc.) where it's useful to have a shorthand link.

Plus, it was a fun project to do on a Sunday afternoon!

@fumbling Agree on all points! I was referring specifically to using shorteners on

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