Here's a list of the books I'm reading in #2020 –

I pinky promise I'll get through them all (or at least lie very convincingly about doing so).

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Latin Dictionary’s Journey: A to Zythum in 125 Years (and Counting) - An interesting article about a very extensive Latin dictionary in the New York Times. #linguistics

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In the latest episode of "Words I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce" – NZ fashion brand Kowtow.

Had an absolute blast learning about Ryūkyūan languages recently. Put some highlights into a post:

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Inventing your own ad-hoc transcription system:
• no one else can understand it
• dull

Using the International Phonetic Alphabet:
• fun symbols
• puts you in the good company of linguists and opera singers #linguistics

@jaranta Actually, I agree that URL shorteners are unnecessary. Particularly since, as mentioned, the URL takes a fixed amount of space in a toot/tweet and there's a lot of semantic/security value in the full link. I don't see myself using the shortened links all that often. But there are offline, promotional use cases (e.g. posters etc.) where it's useful to have a shorthand link.

Plus, it was a fun project to do on a Sunday afternoon!

Site's back online and in pristine condition ✨✨ While I was at it, I set up a URL shortener using! Latest post can also be found at:

awgeez awgeez awgeez

Site's down. Having some serious server trouble post-reboot. Will work on a fix this weekend.

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New episode: We're looking into Indigenous signed languages with researcher Rodney Adams. Click through for a link to the full video interview in Auslan.
News: An unexpected discovery results in a lexicon boom for the Ngunnawal language. And who has faster language development — first-borns or second-borns?
Words of the Week: they, boomeranga

Really curious if there's any work on the influence
of on linguistic diversity and language maintenance. Been on my mind the past week...

@haagen Nice one! I'm looking into improving my note taking with Org too 🗒️ 👌

@haagen Yeah, you can definitely jump down the rabbit hole with Emacs, but there's no need to go all or nothing. I started out using it as a very basic text editor and just gradually did more and more with it over time.

If you're having trouble on a Mac, check out the wiki page:

Seems like there's a bunch of ways to get going 😀

A run-down of how I blog using , and . Not a how-to, just a cheeky behind the scenes.

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Ep 8: Lauren Gawne on Funding Fieldwork - @lingfieldnotes is a new podcast about doing linguistic fieldwork #linguistics

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Why spelling is hard -- but also hard to change - A new episode of @lingthusiasm! #linguistics

Do any other teachers work with textbooks that are fine all the way through until that one bit that makes you say 'yikes, really?'

The first of this year's book reviews. Crystal's 'Begat' was an absolute pleasure.

My two cents on and where they fit within the world of linguistics and language diversity. Felt the need to write this after reading David Peterson's (wonderful) .

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