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Voice assistants are like children:

- Hilarious to talk to
- Good at hanging around in your kitchen
- Rubbish at jokes
- Always much smarter and much stupider than you expect

Tried out . Had a blast 🚀👍

Because it's the season for making too many well-intentioned commitments, here's my reading list for the year 💪📚

Is QWERTY the best layout to use when typing Japanese? I suspect it isn't. Here's a post exploring the question:

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Building a standalone IPA keyboard - An interesting series of posts, with photos! #linguistics

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People with speech disabilities are being left out of the voice-assistant revolution. #linguistics

Is Icelandic really endangered? While I acknowledge this isn't my field of expertise, count me sceptical.

What's the Japanese word for milkshake? I recently had a surprisingly hard time finding out...

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