Things I'm reading these days: E. Giaccardi "Histories and Futures of Research through Design: From Prototypes to Connected Things"
'This article discusses how the artifact of Research through Design (RtD) is changing due to data technology. The article firstly reviews the role of the prototype in RtD traditions. It then describes the move of RtD to data-enabled practices to offer a conceptualization of artifacts as connected things.'

Folks into (or just good old sci-fi) have a look at this post about how writers from the '80s and '90s envisioned the 2020s

Folks interested in , , and interacting with non-domesticated creatures on their own terms, have a look at the open access Dinacon book
Dinacon is a crazy experimental conference in the jungle in Panama!

A PhD position to develop a "Swimming markup language"? In New Zealand? I clearly chose something wrong in my career...

"Swimming is one of the healthiest workouts and tracking one’s progress is a great motivator. However, sharing swim workout sets and viewing these on today’s wide range of available displays remains difficult. [...] This project aims to develop and test a Swimming Markup Language (SwimML) as an enabling technology to standardize swim training sets."

Folks into , and curriculum development, have a look at this open-access article describing the process of setting up an undergrad major in at Purdue University

Friends into game studies, if you want to be a bit more politically anxious these last days of 2019 check out this open-access article "Glory to Trumpland! Critically Playing Border Games" by Melissa Kagen

Annalee Newitz is sharp as always as she looks at the politics of the last Star Wars. For the record, I enjoyed the movie in the same way I enjoy a glass of Coca-Cola. Pleasant, unproblematic, not challenging. Not art at all. I had fun, no more no less.

As I teach Design Ethics and Design Futures, sometimes I need a quick and compelling introduction to "what the h#@k is the blockchain". I've found out that Chris Speed explains it in this video way better than I could

Folks into , , , take a look at Kieran Nolan's PhD thesis "The Art, Aesthetics, and Materiality of the Arcade Videogame Interface". Kieran designed and built a number of arcade cabinets with technologies from the mid-80s to the late 90s to explore the aesthetics of video game interfaces as digital material.
The thesis is open access

I have had the privilege of having many mentors in my career so far. Some are quite known in their field, some are nice & kind weirdos who for some reason decided to help me out. I consider myself lucky. My friend Gopi wrote a beautiful blog post about his last conversation with his mentor David Hakken. Please, read it, and help Gopi finding other interesting people to interview for his column

Folks into and , have a look at this (provocative, interesting, necessary) paper. I had the pleasure to talk about that in class yesterday, and I'm very grateful to be teaching to a group of talented students who find these things interesting

Dear diary, tomorrow I'll give my conclusive class. Next year we'll have a completely different program & structure, so I've tried to prepare this well and close on a high note.

It's in 4 segments:

- The Cow at the End of the World (avoiding bovine design);
- Hurricanes, Social Unrest, and Other Fun Stuff;
- What is Important;
- We Are Not Dead (Yet). Let's Keep It That Way

I hope it's going to be properly anxiety-inducing

People into and have a look at the "Critical Makers reader. (Un)learning technology" edited by L. Bogers and L. Chiappini. With essays from Matt Ratto himself, and Garnet Hertz, and a truly nice selection of other contributors.
PDF available for free at

I was recently frustrated by the operationalization of . OTOH, I appreciate passages like "Speculating through Design: a question instead of an answer". I believe that these days we all have a tendency to run immediately at our design table. I'd love to spend more time teaching about the right questions, rather than having half-assed solutions.

- how current technologies were envisioned in the past (in this example, 1967).

Things I'm reading these days. Wood et al. "Designing for Digital Playing Out".
«We report on a design-led study in the UK that aimed to understand barriers to children (aged 5 to 14 years) 'playing out' in their neighbourhood and explore the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for supporting children's free play that extends outdoors.»

Those interested in the social effects of technologies could have a look at this article on computer vision’s shortcomings when (not) recognizing trans people. Also, I’m proud to have briefly been a colleague of Jed Brubaker a few years back in the ISTC Social

Would you trust a robot more than your boss? This study, although not very significant statistically, suggests that some worker's might respond better to having a robot manager

Things I'm reading these days. Maria Luce Lupetti, Roy Bendor, Elisa Giaccardi "Robot Citizenship: A Design Perspective." «Designing for robot citizenship has the potential of fostering a shift from a logic of functionality to one of relationality»

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