Folks into design ethics, take a look at this column for a critique of tech-darwinism. Also, I can humbly brag about having been Luke Stark's colleague a few years back in that weird/awesome experiment that was the Intel ISTC Social

Folks into interactive , have a look at this game. It came out today, I haven't tried it yet, but seems very promising. [trigger warning: suicide, grief, loss]

It doesn't happen often to be featured in the evening program of the Waag Society. Proud to have been there to discuss the ethics of urban play and their connection to the commons

friends in design (and digital design in particular), have a look at this. This is a urgent topic that requires a fundamental rethinking of what we do, what we teach, and - in many ways - who we are. I myself am a product of the "computing is good / tech is good / we need more smart stuff" ideology, and I find it quite difficult to resist the sirens of shiny new "stuff". Much more reflection urgently needed, and much more design work

Folks into & game research, have a look at Attentat 1942 for a different look at WW2 history. I know I'm late in discovering this title, but if you haven't played it yet....well, give it a look!
(Also, interestingly, I like that the publisher of the game is a university)

Folks into urban interaction design, give a look at the Responsive Urban Spaces ebook (open access), with examples, best practices, and design principles for playful media architecture

Folks in civic tech and community activism, take a look at this open collection of projects, methods, and institutions

Risa Puno designed “The Privilege of Escape,” an art installation and escape room that uses tangible and playful interactions to materialize the abstract concept of Privilege. I wish the artwork was on tour, rather than stuck in New York

Folks into interactive narratives, try out "Open Sorcery" by Abigail Corfman. Although it's quite basic technologically (it's twine), the writing is very VERY interesting. Nice stuff!

Last call! Filippo Lodi from UNStudio will talk about the intersection of digital design, architecture, experience design, and cities. This is a meetup co-organized by Master Digital Design and Media Architecture Biennale.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Free entry, RVSP required at the link below.
Tomorrow Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Friends into studies, interactive , and research, take a look at this for GAME - Games as Art, Media, Entertainment journal on 'agency'
"The new issue of G|A|M|E proposes a re-examination of the concept of in games. We welcome contributions that address the idea of agency (...) taking into account its interdisciplinary history and application."

The first edition of the European School of Urban Game Design is open for application. Join us for a 1-year mentoring program on designing games for cities. Apply until May 31st at

folks into empowerment, technology and teaching, have a look at this open-access PDF. “Reclaiming Digital Futures” is a free report and associated website for youth organizations to use as they integrate digital learning into their programming and practices.

folks interested in playing LARPs as research activities, have a look at this workshop! (even if, like me, you can't travel to California for DIS 2019, the Background section has some nice references & examples)

Friends looking for a postdoc, take a look at this opportunity in Utrecht "Designing for Controversies in Responsible Smart Cities"

Is there space for criticality outside academia? Master Digital Design meetup on March 27, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: "What’s the role of critical designers in today’s digital world?" with Shaowen & Jeff Bardzell (Indiana U. USA), and Henk Haaima (Mirabeau)

Just published "Research Through Game Design. Interactive Stories from a Submerged Amsterdam" We share SUBMERGED, a cross-platform project that combines game design, interactive narrative, and urban exploration with the objective of empowering citizens to produce their . Following a "Research through Design" practice, we describe our process for creating SUBMERGED, we synthesize some critical insights from our experience

We are hiring a lecturer (asst. prof. in USA system) in Design Literacy.

S/he will work at the M.Sc. Digital Design at the Amsterdam U. of Applied Sciences, a new and ambitious program that aims at combining a Research through Design/Making approach with applied education.

S/he is expert in design processes and will face the challenge of "bringing on the same page" a cohort of 24 students with diverse background (from UX/UI, to Product, to Fashion...).

Call for : The Reader (maker culture, critical applied research methodologies…). Proposals (500 words max.) due before December 14th, 2018

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