friends in design (and digital design in particular), have a look at this. This is a urgent topic that requires a fundamental rethinking of what we do, what we teach, and - in many ways - who we are. I myself am a product of the "computing is good / tech is good / we need more smart stuff" ideology, and I find it quite difficult to resist the sirens of shiny new "stuff". Much more reflection urgently needed, and much more design work

@gabferri interesting story, but I think this is a discussion that would benefit from quoting more numbers. Part of the AI 'boom' is driven by the fact that computation is now orders of magnitude more efficient than it was two decades ago - the PC on a tech worker's desk now being the equal of a supercomputer in 2001 - with a correspondingly lower energy bill. Jevon's paradox means that increased consumption eats up efficiency gains, but can we really blame technology for that?

@michiel hi, indeed you've a good point, more accurate numbers will be good for the discussion. Personally, my takeaway (as a design researcher) is that we don't need (and likely shouldn't) put computers into "stuff" just because we can. On my campus, there are "smart trashbins" with proximity sensors, a raspberry pi and a speaker that say "thanks for recycling" any time they're used. To me, *this* is the epitome of what's wrong. I'm not against pervasive computing. I just want it with a purpose

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