another item for the collection, a multipurpose object to push buttons, open doors, pull levers and even carry shopping bags! This one is not for sale, and its author Matteo Zallio released it as an Open Source / Creative Commons thing to 3D-print, adapt it and use it

here is another example of a curious ritual that could (?) become commonplace in a lasting pandemic: sterilizing your smarphone

I keep encountering various objects that I've begun to call
This is a proposed solution, still at a concept phase, for social distancing on the seaside.
The proposal itself seems....questionable but I find it fascinating to see how COVID19 touches every facet of design in public spaces.

I've begun to notice a number of new weird ads on my socials during the pandemic, and I've decided to keep track of them. This is called Heygienic, and is a stick to press buttons without touching them with a finger. Also, it seems to be in two colors (for him and for her?)

(I'm not linking to the page itself, I don't want to spread spam, but it's one google search away...)

Last call! Filippo Lodi from UNStudio will talk about the intersection of digital design, architecture, experience design, and cities. This is a meetup co-organized by Master Digital Design and Media Architecture Biennale.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Free entry, RVSP required at the link below.
Tomorrow Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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