Interesting. State Dept + Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor giving up to USD 2 million to work on P2P technology.

doing physics: "i long for the pure simplicity of mathematics"

doing math: "all of this is pointless! i need context!"

Awesome panel with Joan Donovan, Lisa Nakamura, Leslie K. Jones, and T.L. Taylor on critical internet studies, ethnographic methods, and re-thinking social networks. Check out their research!

Listening to Ethan Zuckerman talk about the need for federated, decentralized social networks. :BlobCatRainbow:

Recently came across Shannon McGregor's research on social media, journalism, and political communication. Uses mixed methods, both quant + qual. Really appreciate this kind of approach.

Meet Dobby, my cat. He's annoying and needy. But a total weirdo so I love him. :BlobCatMelt:

Here is a prime example of people trying to make money off fears of disinformation. A report masquerading as "research".

If any of you are in the Boston area, the Media Ecosystems Analysis Group is hosting a conference on global health issues and the origin and spread of mis/disinformation March 2-3. I'll be speaking on the securitization of "fake news". More details here:

Hello! I'm a researcher at Harvard's Shorenstein Center working on disinformation, censorship, and media manipulation in general. Glad this place exists :)

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