It's super-difficult to find people on here.

@gasedwards Sorry to hear that!

Is there someone in particular you're looking for?

@bgcarlisle @gasedwards I know, it’s frustrating make new fiends here. But give it a chance and feel free to write even if nobody is reading, use #ashtags and people will come! 😁

@bgcarlisle That's the problem. I can't find if I know anyone already (except @kidwellj), but also my techniques from elsewhere (e.g. browsing networks of known people) fall over. Also, it seems very patchy whether you can see who someone follows. NB. This seems to be a Mastodon-wide thing.

@gasedwards Yes, many people choose to hide who they're following/who follows them out of concern for privacy

Hashtags are searchable, so you can try looking through them, or making posts that include relevant ones

Asking for tips on who posts about [subject of interest], and asking for people to boost that is not considered rude here either!

@bgcarlisle Yeah I get the privacy thing. Hashtags - great, just don't want to do that horrid spammy thing where everything is hashtagged or mentioned. I'll give it some time.

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