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Confession: I haven't written a bibliography by hand in about 5 years (thanks Zotero ❤️ )

Idea for a Star Trek episode 

It's just straight-up a rehash of every episode where Barclay or LaForge do something that would merit a visit from HR

Except this is the parallel universe where there are actually consequences to cases of workplace sexual harassment

Vous voyez Alpine ? Sisi, le truc utilisé partout pour toutes les images Docker du monde ou presque.
Ben… Voilà 😂

If I see you in my follower list I'll be less inclined to reject your paper. That's just how objective a grumpy reviewer I am.

On Sep 28 13:00 CET, I will defend my PhD thesis, titled "Reproducible Data Analysis in Drug Discovery with Scientific Workflows and the Semantic Web" in room B22 at BMC in Uppsala. Welcome! Full texts for the comprehensive summary & papers are available.

"Paywall: The Business of Scholarship" can now be downloaded from

Hi @fractalbot I heard you were making fractals. Can I get one as well?

PhD thesis mention 

It's my last semester at McGill, as I plan to defend in December

(The official hashtag is , if you were wondering :P)

And so I'm trying to think through all the best things I want to do before I pack it up and go

✅ Open-air pub
⬜ Other suggestions?

#Linux #jeux #steam

Youhou ! C'est officiel.

Steam a travaillé sur une version améliorée de Wine (appellée Proton) afin de faire tourner directement certains jeux Windows dans Steam Linux.

❤️ !


I'm a PhD student in bioinformatics / computational biology in University College Dublin. Originally from France, I'm still learning English.

I study proteins and peptides, their evolution in . Also interested in disordered proteins in general and proteolysis. I analysis data and create software for biologists and bioinformaticians.

I spent most of my time programming (I love , but also I also use and web dev languages)

rant about academic software 

working with bad bioinformatics software is hard, I spend most of my time parsing files and finding ways to bypass the crazy UIs to download the output of webservers

Hey & this place could be a great tool for academic discourse and networking! @socrates has some cool ideas, but in the end culture shift is up to us.

Let's bring people in our academic circles actively from other social networks over to this one to help pick up steam.

Perhaps you can change this post a bit so that it fits in your context?

Wow, Valve is developing a modified version of Wine to get Windows games working on Linux.

You'll be able to download Windows games from the Linux Steam client and play them without any modification. And all the code is already freely available.

Greetings to new friends on

We're all very happy to have you!

We do things a little differently from Twitter here, for example:

* If posting as Public it goes on the Local Timeline, so we try to keep that "on-topic", and post "off-topic" stuff as Unlisted
* We try to get in the habit of using Content Warnings
* We try to be sincere and positive, and leave the constant "outrage culture" at the door :)

Please read through our community standards

Hi all!
I'm a bioinformatician.

I'm originally from the south of France, but now living in Stockholm.

I'm developing an open-source analysis pipeline to detect germline or somatic variants from whole genome sequencing.

I'm interested in cancer, large-scale data integration, automation, containerization, reproducibility and visualization.

More about me here:

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