I've been invited to act as filler at a retreat on this topic. On the one hand I think outdoor school is essential, but as an extra secular person, I have reservations about what have been termed as spiritual aspects. This subject certainly blends different disciplines.

backless 'ergonomic' chair question 

Can anyone vouch for these backless knee support chairs for back issues?

Long term storage fun fact:
Hard drives last ~ 20 years.
Paper can last > 2000 years.

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'I’m Possibly Alive Because It Exists:' Why Sleep Apnea Patients Rely on a CPAP Machine Hacker
An Australian hacker has spent thousands of hours hacking the DRM that medical device manufacturers put on CPAP machines to create a free tool that lets patients modify their treatment.

The article also briefly mentions the travesties that are John Deere, Keurig, Apple and others.

I regret making my intro so big and/or using a cw. :librarian_hushing: 😂

News sources inquiry 

Curious about what news sources people use. I have an rss feed but it includes all the usual news outlet sources. I'm looking for fewer opinion pieces. Thanks for any tips.

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