Me: Idk, I just feel so dead this week.
Coworker: And this is different from every other day how...?
Me: Usually it's fresh corpse dead, now it's like 2 days into rigor mortis dead.

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This basically ended when tech activists started getting tattoos depicting restricted crypto code (usually RSA implementations), effectively turning themselves into "restricted munitions" and tl;dr the laws got challenged and rendered unenforcable. Also, the internet happened.

Nowadays, some restrictions do still exist, but they're fairly specific and almost never what anyone who uses terms like "military-grade encryption" is actually talking about.

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just a reminder to all of you

sufficiently advanced friendship is indistinguishable from magic

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humorous insult proposal 

"buddy, you repel me to such a degree that I'm seeing redshift in the streetlights behind you"

Currently reading Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty. Spoilers to Chpt. 18 

I get that the characters change in 5 years, but it's still hard to not be handheld through the changes in their mental processes. I feel like some of the drama is a bit excessive. Like, I know Nahri has to keep pretending to be pureblood, but surely she could've been more amicable with Subha(?)

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A virus that prevents software assistants from replying unless users say "please" and "thank you"

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#Writer #KimEunHee discusses her #Netflix series #Kingdom ...

“People are scared when they think of #zombies. But I thought they were sad beings with a remaining strong instinct to eat. I thought that if you take the ‘epidemic disease,’ which is very contagious, and bring it to the miserable Joseon Dynasty, there could be an ironic story.”

Kim Eun Hee expressed her future desires, saying, “I want to do #sciencefiction in the future, not romantic comedies.”

I honestly might have to buy a Mac just for iTerm2.

Unit of measurement for software engineers 

"Can you send me a screenful of those debug logs?" - me, working remotely.

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Cat: Bug #34638 filed: food bowl keeps emptying

Me: closed as duplicate, this is by design, WONTFIX

Cat: Opening bug #34639. It is 11am. Food bowl still empty.

Me: You were fed at 8am. WONTFIX.

Cat: Fundamental disagreement with moderator. Opening dispute resolution process.

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Dear shy newbies,

If you don't know anyone here, just post. Whether it's about what you had for lunch or your fandom faves or your current WiP or your cat or how-do-I-do-the-thing?, just go ahead and post.

Your top-level public posts show up in the local timeline and people will see them!

(and is nice so don't be scared)

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Conceptual horror: Hey, wouldn't this thing you've never thought of before be scary?

Psychological horror: Hey, here's how a thing you think about a lot would be scary!

Surrealist horror: where lies the strangling fruit that came from the hand of the sinner I shall bring forth the seeds of the dead

Visceral horror: b̸̧͖̟͍͎͚̠͓̩͍̟͍́̎̈ͫ̅ͧ̇̌ͪͯ̓̅̀̏͘͟o̢̳͈̹̞͎͓̣͍̭̣̱̾̓̊ͮ̉ͪ̊̌͂́͘͜͠ͅỏ̻̻͉̠̬͕̼̼͍̪̤̻̟ͩ̉̽͞͞ͅ!̨̏́͆͂͛̓ͩ̕͘҉̧͚̘̭̱̤̣͓͇̭̖

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meta nonse 

ME: I click the like button on the post.
DM: make a dex save.
ME: ah, fuck. *rolls*
ME: Natural 20, so 28 in total.
DM: *rolls some dice, checks a table*
DM: The timeline jumps right before you click. You click on a cursed image directly above the post and take 16 memetic damage.
ME: fuck. what the hell. this is some bullshit. I'm telling the Church.

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@Wewereseeds just graciously commissioned me for a flag, so here it is!!! It represents the solarpunk movement. Like the movement it is bright and full of hope, and also like the movement, it kicks ass. It was inspired by @socalledunitedstates, but is still pretty distinctive.


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This is just bloody awesome, and I love the physical seed library they have made:

“The Connected Seeds Library lives at Spitalfields City Farm in east London. A seed library works a bit like a regular book lending library. In order to borrow seeds from the library you will need to become a member. Members can take seeds home to grow, and are encouraged to return some of the seeds to the library at the end of the season, in order to maintain the stock of available seeds.”

NIH: A proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder. 

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