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Link TED talk on language 

@sheogorath I can see you point. I replied to myself: because language IS complex, once you start to notice it. And gender issues ARE complex, as people who are affected by them sorely know, while I can learn by listening and caring. Imagine the two combined. Bonus: Enlightening talk on language, bare with the 2 minutes intro if you find that part obvious: you won't regret it.

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comp-sci Internet mobile app dataset released with paper 

We just released MIRAGE-2019: a human-generated for traffic analysis with associated ground-truth.
A sampled version is readily downloadable, whereas the complete version is available upon request.

At the link you'll find both the dataset and the companion describing it and the capture system.

❄️ Snowflake is helping people in Iran and other countries circumvent Internet censorship.

Let people know you're operating a Snowflake proxy by downloading and printing our Snowflake sticker pack!

OK this is pretty cool: built-in translation is coming to Mastodon, funded by the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme.


Vi presentiamo PeerTube, l'alternativa decentralizzata e federata a YouTube! Un progetto splendido che speriamo possa presto decollare!

LINK -->

#Google #Utilizzoquotidiano #decentralizzato #fediverso #peertube #youtube

Buongiorno 😁

Oggi voglio condividere una vittoria con tutti voi...
Ho definitivamente eliminato l'account di whatsapp e cancellato l'applicazione dal mio smartphone!!! 🥳

Un altro passo verso la disintossicazione digitale e verso la mia libertà digitale che si riflette nella vita reale! 😁🙏🏼🍀

Ormai ho solo chat segrete su Telegram e uso Signal, whatsapp era inutilizzato e allora basta... Ringrazio @lealternative perché grazie a loro sto aiutando a mia volta tante persone in questi anni ♥

Hi folks, on Thursday, 3pm UK time, Esther @onepict will give a talk to my research group about

"IoT Software updates over IPv6 multicast: lessons in experimentation", this is about the project.

If you would like to attend, let me know and I will DM you the Zoom link.


I made a draft flow chart of how to comply with funder open data pilots and mandates; "Will the data
have an open license?"

This week's Tor Browser 11.0.2 release has fresh built-in bridges so Russian users can configure their Tor Browser to "use built-in obfs4 bridges."

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Via @DavidBlue I found this great #OpenScience project:

"Manubot is a workflow and set of tools for the next generation of scholarly publishing", based on #markdown and #git no less!

It is queued for inclusion in delightful-open-science ..


Grazie a xBrowserSync potete sincronizzare con semplicità i preferiti di qualunque browser su desktop e su smartphone Android!

LINK -->

#Browser #browser #preferiti #sync

Esistono alternative anche a Google Street View. Vi parliamo del progetto KartaView, già conosciuto da molti come OpenStreetCam!
#alternative #googlestreetview #gopro #kartaview #mapillary #maps #streetview --> LINK -->

Ieri, 30 novembre 2021, European Digital Rights (#EDRi) e 119 organizzazioni della società civile hanno lanciato una dichiarazione collettiva per chiedere un atto sull'intelligenza artificiale (AIA) che metta in primo piano i diritti fondamentali.

"I love #FreeSoftware, therefore I host all my #FLOSS projects on a proprietary platform like #GitHub or"

Not quite your opinion? Feel free to join today, a growing community of #developers, #hackers and other Free Content creators.

Italian #linux #linuxday #conference mini-conferenza su software libero, organizzata dal (Napoli GNU/Linux Users Group), live alle 11 di oggi.

#Matrix users: updates for Element and SchildiChat just hit our repo, containing important security fixes. Please refresh the index in your clients and update ASAP.

#security #updates

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