Under-rated feature on Masto:

The "Delete & re-draft" button

It does exactly what's on the label

It deletes your post, but puts it back in the editor so you can fix that *one* thing easily

@bgcarlisle Wait what seriously? Is this like an alternative to the Edit button or an addition to it?

@eloisa @giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle

Edit feature is rolling out in the next few releases.

But this was a placeholder for like 4-5 years now.

@maloki @eloisa @giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle I'm an old fedi person, but I still don't know what the edit feature actually does. Can y'all explain how it is different than delete and post again?


@weirdwriter @maloki @eloisa @bgcarlisle I think the key difference is that the edited content gets distributed as an "update” to the old one, allowing it to keep its association with it (including any replies/fav/boosts the original might have received before the edit)

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@giuseppebilotta @maloki @eloisa @bgcarlisle That will be so much better! I've had numerous instances where, like, the whole Fedi boosted one of my posts, then realized the post had a broken link or something, but didn't want to lose all the replies.

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