Sabbatical application time is here! I need this so badly, yet I am more doubtful than ever that I’ll get it. (It doesn’t help that the last time I applied I was denied despite them having available “slots” leftover.)

It’s only funny because it seems totally plausible that some school districts in the US will implement something like this:

I am teaching an online class this summer. I halfway-hate teaching online; there is **so** **much** missing from the interactions when you don’t see one another in real time. This, especially, in my field—music—where the entire art form is meant as a communal experience.

I keep wondering if/how/why this all will sort itself out. Y’know what I mean?

I have heard the phrase “the exception that proves the rule” dozens of times. I never understood what it meant. How could an “exception” “prove” a “rule?” Finally, today, I heard an explanation and I finally get it. A special thanks to Merlin Mann and John Siracusa for helping me finally get it. (It seems Merlin was similar to me … until he heard John’s explanation. That also made me feel less dumb.)

A cool “major” update to iA Writer! I won’t use many (any?) of the new features (wiki links, mostly), but I like to see software I love get some love from its creators.

My Apple Watch died two weeks ago. I am trying to embrace a “dumb watch” philosophy. I like it, in theory, but there were those few things that I am now realizing I relied upon a smart to do. Of course, I had other solutions before the Apple Watch existed. Also, this is a cool watch.

Some nice photos from Balboa Park (San Diego), while I wait for my son who is at a chamber music class. I wish San Diego’s public transit wasn’t so poorly planned … there is almost no way to get here without a car … which is a shame as it’s a beautiful place.

people who are not allowed to criticize blockchains:
• those whose work involves blockchains
• those whose work does not involve blockchains

Every time I pull this out, I think, “I should play more often. This is a beautiful instrument!” Lately, I have been vacillating between jazz bass and high-Baroque bass viol. They are worlds apart, but also equally satisfying for me.

oh good, some folks at stanford are finally solving the problem of "how do we put war crimes on the blockchain"

My wife says these things aren’t meant to be personal, but it’s just how my brain is wired. There are certain people—most of whom are actually family/friends in real life—who have a way of really getting to me and the costs are actually pretty high.

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This is the second time I’ve gotten this warning. Both times were after watching an interaction between folks on Facebook and/or interacting with “friends.” I blocked some of the worst offenders but thought I could handle it again. Apparently, I was wrong.

Émile Zola shows how to respond when people say they prefer your band's early albums: "I still have at home some works that are much more remarkable... I even have my first penmanship notebook, in which the vertical lines already had a literary merit quite superior to that of my latest novels" (quoted in Genette's _Paratexts_, p. 355)

I am **so** looking forward to getting through my PSLF program. Just three more years … assuming all goes as planned! Then, I will: 1. Have less to worry about and 2. Have some flexibility to transition to something new (if I decide that makes sense). Currently, everything is overwhelming and I feel imprisoned in my job.

I am not really sure what I am after, here. I am just venting, I s’pose.

Carry on.

/fin (I guess)

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This, when I am feeling especially disillusioned by academia in general. The current topics-du-jour, the here-is-our-list-of-priorities stuff the college has recently defined (and academia in general) I find generally pretty of-putting. Thus, whatever I might propose for this sabbatical feels even less likely to get support (since it likely won’t fall into the boxes of what the current powers-that-be have deemed worth supporting).


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In the meantime, I served a two-year term on the committee, hoping this would give me some insight. And, I’d say it *might* have, but so much of the process is simply a crap shoot. I want to be excited about the prospect of getting a sabbatical next year. I want to start looking into plans/ideas, but then I fall into a self-preservation mode and am flooded with feelings of “imposter syndrome,” etc.


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