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Profile picture description: Drawing of Gwen created by Ethan Kocak.

Drawing shows me, a pale white nonbinary person, with a completely shaved undercut on the left side and long red hair on the right. I'm wearing a black t-shirt with the words "Still too close" on it, and behind me there are abstracted syntax trees against a blue background. The border of the picture is surrounded by an agender flag: black outer stripes, then light grey, then white, converging on a light green middle stripe.

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I suppose I never properly introduced myself. I'm a postdoc at UC Davis and I study sentence processing, visual cognition, and vision-language interactions. I post about my work, but more often I share personal content (jokes, puns, opinions, comments on politics, etc.) rather than keeping my account strictly professional. If that's not your thing, I understand! I share my professional posts on the public timeline and keep everything else private or unlisted.

video game, mention of predatory academic journals 

interesting that the space capitalism hellscape atmosphere reminds me of present day academic publishing, and by interesting I mean extremely telling.

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video game, mention of predatory academic journals 

I've been playing Hardspace: Shipbreaker, and every time I hear "valuable object processed", I can't help but think it sounds like something a predatory journal would write in an email, along the lines of "Greetings of the day! We await your precious article".

USPol, reference to my last boost re: Nazi quote 

Last boost: that was pre-insurrection!!!!!!! boots were in the halls, and still we're getting zero meaningful action!!!!!!!!! please read my many exclamation points as alarm, not enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!

to compensate for my mediocre memory and spatial navigation skills in video games, when I have to choose which path to take in what order arbitrarily, I've decided to just go clockwise. it's saving me a lot of frustration so far.

mention of LinkedIn, Facebook 

LinkedIn is becoming very Facebook circa 2009.

unsolicited email advice 

life pro tip: if you would be absolutely horrified in the event that an email you're drafting accidentally sent early, consider writing the draft in another application, such as a text editor.

complaining about blockchain, techbros; mention of Discord 

it's infuriating that techbros thought the next innovation in internet technology was blockchain garbage—wasting a bunch of time and fossil fuels on that—when they could have been adding the ability to use Discord-style spoiler tags everywhere

ad I saw for insurrectionist merch, USPol 

saw a horrifying ad for American-style crusader gear when trying to find out what the weather will be today


we need to be able to talk about holding our elected officials accountable for compromising on the stances we elected them to take, and otherwise going back on their promises, without the conversation being silenced with "so you're telling people not to vote?" nonsense

gender thoughts, excerpt from a news article with some parental transphobia, countered by the child's awesomeness 

inspired by this iconic young trans person

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gender thoughts 

radically asserting that my body's gender is whatever gender I feel because I am the inhabitant of my body.

reference to birdsite discourse about USPol 

misspellings are not a reason to dunk on someone, especially when said person has a track record of harmful behavior you could be talking about instead.

whining about calling Apple support 

I'm working up the strength to call Apple about the Apple ID they deactivated mysteriously, right after we applied a free trial for Apple TV to it, because any customer service requires either a phone call or a trip to the Apple store during a pandemic

death of a bad browser, spooky behavior 

today, the day after Internet Explorer's death, I double-clicked on an .xml file expecting it to prompt me to choose a program to use to open it—ready to select Sublime text when prompted—but instead the file opened in Internet Explorer. it was the first time I can remember that I've seen it open organically in years, but it's supposed to be dead. spooky.

USPol, January 6th commentary 

It's not news to me that those two are terrible people, but the context certainly accentuate their terribleness.

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USPol, January 6th commentary 

" … they were the people who couldn't be fired, and yet they left the job of convincing Trump not to try and dismantle democracy to people who could be fired, and I think that raises very serious questions about which team they were on." - Andrea Bernstein on The Brian Lehrer Show

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USPol, January 6th commentary 

"Jared and Ivanka were constants. Trump wasn't going to fire them, they were family. And what became apparent in last week's hearings is they were in a position to convince the president to take an alternate course, and there doesn't seem to be evidence that they played an incredibly active role..."

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USPol, January 6th commentary 

I was listening to WNYC's discussion of the Jan. 6th hearings and heard this very important point made regarding Ivanka and Jared Kushner's apparent non-involvement, prompted by Ivanka's statement:

quote from blog post about conservative backlash to correct pronoun use 

One of my favorite arguments from the piece: "Honoring gender pronouns is becoming a common practice in the business world as well, and parents usually want schools to give students the language tools that will help them succeed in that context."

(btw, I'm using canonical to refer to he/she/they etc., pronouns that are not neopronouns, because there isn't a clearly correct term for those that I know of)

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