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looking at lapack routines, tag yourself, i'm dpotrf

okay have to get myself to do a liiiittle bit more work and then relax

fuck datacamp, what a bunch of fuckheaded clowns who defend their sex-assaulting CEO

all right

got an interview, just got to hammer down when

the worst part of the citation style that's like [12] is that if somebody doesn't include the actual bibliography you're out of luck

fuck the thing didn't list and i guessed wrong about the number of refs needed for this jorb, hope these people check their e-mail soon.......

Pretty cool how we can’t eat indoors at food places right now, but years of anti-homeless urban design mean there’s almost nowhere comfortable to eat outdoors either.

--Matt Ford

no fucking idea what a teaching philosophy is

The U.S. government didn't give Harriet Tubman a salary and for years denied her a pension despite her active service in the Union military as a scout, nurse, spy, and planner and leader of a smashingly successful raid on the Combahee River. She risked her life scouting in rebel territory and led a battle herself for Union victory and the end of slavery; and this was how they repaid her--well, didn't--while she was living in poverty 🙃

Reminder that Breonna Taylor was a human being whose life has value, who had friends and family, who was loved and her life was brutally taken from her.

Maybe let's not turn that into a meme (which are literally jokes).

Hmm somebody gave me a bibliography - is there an easy way to automatically convert it to bibtex? (some manual fiddling and post-processing fine) #bibliography

CW: covid. If your uni is teaching classes in person, play the game and send it to your provost, dean, chair, etc.

I just don't think it's ethically feasible to re-open campuses this fall and teach in person. It will just be bad.

>He said he was encouraged to hear that the university is isolating the athletes who tested positive, “but I wonder if they enforce it. That means they can’t practice together, they can’t workout together. .... I bet a bunch of them live together but if they’re all self isolating for 14 days, hopefully they’re not going to the bars at night.”

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Honestly, 10 cases among the athletes is not so bad in some snese, they likely got it from traveling back, and it's good they had the testing in place to find them. But it doesn't bode well for, like, the actual semester, when 30,000 students return.

I think I'm applying to this academic jorb to remind myself that applying to other jorbs is nowhere near as painful

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