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looking at lapack routines, tag yourself, i'm dpotrf

(there might be an existing way of doing it that I was missing, but it finds a monotonically increasing set of points and draws a curve through them)

I just wrote my first stat and layer for ggplot

Reading a paper where a student is talking about how 20 years ago it was shamful and uncommon for people to have sex early in their relationship or before they were even married and I'm like....

20 years ago was 19-fucking 99.

the office but it’s theorists. althusser says something problematic and foucault looks at the camera

If the cost of an industry outweighs its benefits, we should get rid of it. But how do we quantify those costs and benefits?

"This article provides a path to an objective quantifiable metric for determining when an entire industry warrants the corporate death penalty."

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went to an "unconference" the last couple days - good fun, basically a hackathon, got to meet a few cool new people and catch up with some others I already know, project we worked on was okay, solidified my resolve that it's not the right way to do it (looked at interface of OpenCV to R, it's painful, just use Python or C/C++).

The halls of the physics building are covered in posters of nobel prize winners. This is a good idea in theory, but in practice it’s really demoralizing as a woman to walk down the halls and see hundreds of old white men with maybe 3 women... but today i walked in to the building see people replacing the pictures with beautiful, colorful posters of influential women in physics. I almost started crying; I felt so happy. Representation matters, folks.

>Error in .local(x, stat, ...) : cannot use this function for large files

What a helpful error message.

via corey robin, I found the anecdote about libraries after 9/11 inspiring.

TFW you're hustling to get something done for a meeting because some of the results took longer to compute than expected and you get a message asking to bump the meeting to tomorrow.

Being at school at the time of the runup to Iraq was interesting. We had a prominent and popular anti-Iraq War realist scholar on faculty so it made it easier for people on campus to oppose it.

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CW for the link only: jorbon partybus Show more

A friend of mine just just tried debugging why he couldn't compile various pieces of software (for example cmake) and stumbled upon something rather hilarious:

As it turns out the compiler checks during the configure stage fail because they do a string match on the word "warning". If it finds that word in the output it rejects the compiler, as it assumes it to be not working correctly.

My friend's username? Oh, nothing special, it's simply "m_warning".


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Running into eugenics chuds Show more

This is a great piece about the decision to rename campus buildings named for destructive white men. It exposes the myth (and relates to an exhibit that does more so) that these were just the unchallenged, shared values of the time.

While we all have to work to unlearn cultural values which harm others, nobody just gets a pass on those.

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