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looking at lapack routines, tag yourself, i'm dpotrf

You know what I want, I want a better option when some site says, "to access this file we need to see and download your entire address book". I want more than "yes" or "no". I want "lie to it." Give it an address book full of noise. Tell Dropbox I only know one person, but he's the Pope."

Undergrad me:

I can write a whole dang 12-page essay in 8 hours *tack-a-tack-a-tack-a* and it's awesome

Postdoc me:

Wow these old essays were terrible

Mastercard on white supremacists 

When activists tried to stop white supremacist groups from using Mastercard, the company responded: "If there is a lawful transaction, our view is, this is a private transaction that is being taken place within the framework of laws ... If it is lawful, then we need to respect that transaction. If it is something that is sort of against the tide of society, it’s the society to rise up and change the law, and then we can move on this."

not going to be happy if i end up getting sick.

mind you, i don't know, i think it's reasonably safe to be doing what we're doing, but it makes me nervous.

The wikipedia page about humans doesn't say anywhere on it that it was written by them, which imo is a conflict of interest

it'd be nice if suggestions about what i should put in my syllabus were in a word document or something rather than a PDF so i could trust copying and pasting

lol i thought they were just like all five of you won the award but they were actually like 3 of you get first and 2 get second and i was one of the first place people lol (for my paper at the conference)

once again saved by this automatically-download-bibtex-entries-with-DOIs-from-scihub R script

Modus ponens is my favorite logical fallacy.

my two big tips for PhD students:
1. be very skeptical of doing anything that's not putting a roof over your head or going in your dissertation.
2. try to make it so what's paying you is also going into your dissertation.
3. BONUS TIP: it helps if your ideas work, but if they don't, fail quickly. don't fail slowly.

Tech enthusiasts: my entire house is smart.

Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a gun next to it so I can shoot it if it makes a noise I don’t recognize.

#privacyMatters #security #technology #funny

it's so amusing that PNAS publishes such utter shit and still rejects my papers

with trending, remember: it's plus, equals, minus, divides, adds, and sine. Sine always goes last.

all right they said "sure you can use something besides SPSS" it's R time let's gooooooo

A curated collection of free resources to help deepen your understanding of the R programming language. Updated regularly.

#rstat #rstats

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