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looking at lapack routines, tag yourself, i'm dpotrf

"my professor was trying to find an example of [contrastive focus] reduplication so the next class he came back and said “I FOUND REDUPLICATION IN ENGLISH” and then he said “Milk milk” and everyone was just “what?” and he said “you know when you go to a coffee shop and they ask if you want soy milk and you say ‘no i want milk milk’” and everyone just had this collective sigh of understanding."

Uighur Muslims demand videos from China proving relatives are alive #MeTooUyghur

the PNW has a long history of racism and segregation, they pioneered the model of segregation currently in effect today. The west coast in general loves to reinvent itself as progressive every 30 years and people just fucking buy it bc they don't know the horrific history.

anyway, turned in a short draft today, will edit it in the next week

all right, got to round up volunteers to rep the department at STEM night at a local elementary school.

and maybe round up a volunteer for helping this local government agency with a survey.

huzzah for running the department grad student volunteer org.

Hey, folks. Long time, no see. Here's something I posted on Twitter and I thought it might interest some of you!


Want to surf the Web with the first ever browser, written by himself? Visit where developers at a hackathon at have resurrected the venerable browser (later renamed "Nexus").

Read more by me:

this conference call has devolved into a discussion of the immunological causes of loss of taste.

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The ACLU is looking to fill a quantitative social scientist role on our NYC offices. (boosts okay!)

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lol this paper from a predatory journal is such shit, it's clear nobody ever even touched it after submission

Good news everybody, getting a draft of this chapter out by tomorrow morning no matter what

needed to pad out a right-click menu to enable nested menu elements so i made this popup that's just doing its best.

The latest In Our Time is on Aristotle's Biology yesssssssss

"We have to do what science tells us!"

Yeah, and that's a quick way to do bad science.

Bias affects everything.

Testing conditions affect everything. You can correct for some stuff; other stuff, your best hope is to study how it affects the system and pray that you get it right.

But 'objective' and 'unchanging' and 'correct' are not words we should be using to describe science, thanks.

wow. Wright State is going through some messed up stuff right now. Solidarity with the striking professors.

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