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all right actually going to have to, like, look for a job soon, with all the nonsense that entails. lmk if you need a statistician.

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looking at lapack routines, tag yourself, i'm dpotrf

[sharing] Web3 (long) explanation and political stance 

I didn't know about a lot of the stuff written on this piece before, but I knew some, and that little just aligned with what's written here: either I'm good at foreseeing (which I might be) or the author is very good at fooling people with what they already think (might be but I fear it's not the case) or this is just a grounded explanation and political stance-so I'd like to share it!

Open to constructive discussion

i have all these e-mails from vice provosts wishing me happy holidays

You say: "[Woman] is an acceptable target for my misogynist jokes, because..."

Every woman around you hears: "...and you'll be my next acceptable target, if you cross my line you didn't know existed before now and are now afraid to ask me about."

when you're giving a final, is it professional to just wear sweatpants/active wear, or do i still have to, like, wear real pants?

okay but what if we want an *EXCITING* altman plot?

all right actually going to have to, like, look for a job soon, with all the nonsense that entails. lmk if you need a statistician.

In the fiddle with format and fix citations mode! Almost ready!

other things I've done: convert figures into full page figures rather than try to get placement right.

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LaTeX formatting tips: they don't want the last page of the bibliography to have just one lone reference, I fixed this by adding another reference in the paper somewhere rather than mucking around with settings.

writing is ancient earth's most foolish activity. why does this paragraph, the largest paragraph, not simply eat the other paragraphs?

taught students today about converting probability to odds. also warned them that gambling (common use of odds) is immoral and they should not do it.

cis person gender stuff, I guess 

I want someone to teach soft skills in the context of, "here's how to actually be a good collaborator", and "here's how not to be a dick to the women in your workplace"

bc, like

it is needed

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seriously though I was wondering what people like Zimmer were doing when UATX came out with all their critiques of higher ed given the UChicago brand. It seemed to undercut his position a lot.

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I am resigning from the University of Austin because I don't have a bunch of oil and gas to get a password manager and use it for a bit then I can do that

UATX must've found that picture of Pinker with Epstein and it raised too many questions. Critical support.

yay the site magically turned up in English when I tried this time

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so it's like, okay, i guess i'm just going to have to do this in french??? fine. i just have to look up a couple words and i'm okay.

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okay for whatever reason this one site i have to submit something on is deciding to be in French, and while my French is actually pretty okay, I don't want to do anything consequential, which this is, in anything other than English.

i cannot see any place to change the language and i've made sure my top several preferences in my browser are to display pages in English.

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