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looking at lapack routines, tag yourself, i'm dpotrf

the second and third panels are exchanged and the groups might be in a different order, but, otherwise, these two plots from about a year apart with models fit on the same data are supposed to be the same. they are not. this is bad.

and i'm a couple weeks late on getting my stuff in as a result and people are like, uh.... what are we paying you for....

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I love it when the results I get now are different from a year ago.

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Taibbi, rape mention 

Remember when we found out that Matt Taibbi was sexist and admitted in a co-authored memoir about raping Russian woman (some children) and now he's upset about cancel culture

why the uck won't this fucking thing work like it did last year: chronicles of writing up results from teh past

uhhhh they asked me what kind of computer i want uhhhh

also don't let your advisor suggest working on something outside their expertise, they will not know what's a good idea there.

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my two big tips for PhD students:
1. be very skeptical of doing anything that's not putting a roof over your head or going in your dissertation.
2. try to make it so what's paying you is also going into your dissertation.
3. BONUS TIP: it helps if your ideas work, but if they don't, fail quickly. don't fail slowly.

I mean, really: I don't think this is a great idea that actually works.

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what I would rather do: minimal revisions to submit to a minimal journal.

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all right so the reviews are in on the paper i had that used, among other things, this survey data (you can still take the survey and in fact please try it):

one said it was great, another had some good critiques and said it was fair but not good enough for the journal and the last said it sucked and needed a lot of work and wouldn't be good for the journal. I frankly agree with the last; advisor wants to revise and submit again. I think the project was a mistake.

okay so i've sent off my acceptance of the offer and now i'm trying to figure out where to live and so it's officially real (I guess once the background check is done)

pangola (extinct)
pangocello (extinct)
bass pangol (extinct)


(yes i did this gag on twitter a few years back but it feels like time to revive it, with an illustration this time!)

This is fine but I hope they didn't inform the winners this late.

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I didn't win: I submitted something to a conference/student paper competition thing a while ago and forgot about it, they were going to pick 5 and have them present virtually on JULY 18TH. They only informed me TODAY that I didn't win.

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