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looking at lapack routines, tag yourself, i'm dpotrf

At the time, "swears" were not really in my vocabulary.

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remembering how my mind got blown back in the day, a fellow UChicago alum at a party, he said, "Indeed, would you even go so far as to say, 'Fuck the police'?" The thought had never occurred to me. Then he played the song. Nothing was ever the same.

IU collective action 

The administration sent out an email saying that you may become unenrolled if you have a large outstanding balance due to unpaid mandatory fees, an action that's really dire for international students here on education visas. However, they clarified that this only happens after multiple years of unpaid fees in a follow up email.

They have, however, put holds on accounts that are witholding fees to prevent them from registering for the fall, despite official policy.

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IU collective action 

The IU graduate workers fee strike is still going on. A thousand of us are still refusing to pay our mandatory fees.
These fees were about 1200 per year with international students paying an additional 600. The fee amounts have dropped somewhat for graduate workers in the college of arts and science but they're still too high for someone making 15,500 per year to pay.

How do you select a model? Run them all, novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

I feel like this should be even less tied to my identity, but: god i fucking hate teaching online, this is the worst.

giving an exam today, the inspirobot i got is strangely appropriate

Is it unprofessional to low key say "nice" in lecture when the number 69 comes up?

have to replace a committee member because of retirement, apparently new member of dept read one of my papers and liked it (?!) and adviser is going to ask her on. okay, good, but also, why would anybody like my paper

all right, imported the course's slide template into google docs so i just use that instead of powerpoint to make slides.

Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

fuck fuck fuck missed an important paperwork deadline fuck fuck fuck

rewriting the pixies "alec eiffel" to be about henry wallace.
(henry wallace, henry wallace)

i think i’m gonna make this into stickers, to sell and also because i want it on my water bottle asap

Nice - new semester, have a repeat customer student! And it's because they like me.

somehow in editing the announcement I left out "Tuesday", which they should infer but might not.

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