on this one server looks like i'd have to compile on my own and manage myself an R installation if I want to compile against Rmath.h? i only want to use the library for random uniform number generation, i'm considering just pulling that function out not to have to deal with the headache, but that might give people conniptions.

r uses mersenne twister by default iirc, i'm sure there are reference implementations in C that are relatively light.

hmm... looks like the only use in the whole thing for Rmath.h is runif(). I *could* just drop in a (checked and vetted) implementation of mersenne twister rather than try to cope with that. friends don't let friends write their own RNGs but unless somebody talks me out of this...

friends don't let friends write their own RNGs, but do friends let their friends use implementations other than the R math library if installing it on the server is a huge pain and you have existing source code?

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