All right, got an e-mail that my MixMatrix package is now on CRAN, if you do stuff with matrix variate distributions, especially mixture modeling or discriminant analysis!

@gwmngilfen It's not really all that hard - you have to make sure it passes all the automated checks, all intellectual property is accounted for, and that everything in the package is well-documented (if you're implementing the methods in some paper, it is strongly recommended to refer to it).

@gwmngilfen So if you already have a package made up and the code is clean and it's well-documented and it's not utterly trivial, pretty easy. If you have a few functions that you're thinking of turning into a package, it might be some work.

@gwmngilfen @nextcloud Nice - things that depend on external libraries like that one probably does often end up being hard to get up there, though.


@gwmngilfen @nextcloud If it depends on the host computer having a library installed, then you typically have to include it yourself and it has to work for everything. Generally, if CRAN can't get your thing to run as-is on everything from Solaris to Windows with only what you provide and other CRAN packages, it doesn't work (with a handful of small exceptions for libraries they provide, like FFTW3).

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