i really need to figure out why rstudio just doesn't work on my computer (fedora, xfce). it just does this.

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all right, had to go back and install from the fedora repository and install rstudio-desktop. just "rstudio" or using the rpm from R Studio itself does not work.

@gzt I've sometimes had similar problems under Windows, especially after upgrading. First thing I would do is delete/move the RStudio config directory

See here:

@ERDonnachie thanks for the idea -- I tried and it didn't work :|

@gzt the project .Rproj directory too?

Otherwise, I'm afraid I don't have much experience with the desktop version on Linux.

@ERDonnachie @gzt did you update to R 4.2?
I've heard that rstudio and R 4.2 needs a certain newer version of libssl.
I can't find the source but maybe this helps you narrow down the problem?

@ERDonnachie @gzt ... On second thought, I think that problem was related to an upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, which in turn caused the problem in Rstudio regardless of the R version.
Sorry I got that mixed up.

@basepair @ERDonnachie I figured out what the issue was - basically, have to run `dnf install rstudio-desktop` instead of `dnf install rstudio`. previously, the rpm for rstudio alone was sufficient. not anymore!

@gzt I had a similar experience with fedora one day) In my case problem was related with new packages. Fedora is always too fresh) So try daily builds. Maybe your problem will be solved. Also try to launch RStudio from terminal and check what it says.

@gzt oh, I see the date of your question right now. Hope that your problem was solved)

@sashka yeah i solved it eventually, just had to do some different packages

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