i really need to figure out why rstudio just doesn't work on my computer (fedora, xfce). it just does this.

Okay so I did a simulation to show what happens. I simulated a perfectly calibrated data set and then thinned the 1 class to be 9.5% of the entire dataset. This is the calibration plot.

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I am resigning from the University of Austin because I don't have a bunch of oil and gas to get a password manager and use it for a bit then I can do that

giving an exam today, the inspirobot i got is strangely appropriate

bad visualization vs good visualization. always include the zero in your measurement

the second and third panels are exchanged and the groups might be in a different order, but, otherwise, these two plots from about a year apart with models fit on the same data are supposed to be the same. they are not. this is bad.

when i describe that chapter of my dissertation that i'm struggling to get to work because i know it doesn't work to somebody else

This is a better version IMO but still I want to consider something besides a heatmap and of course the colors on this aren't the best.

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trying a heatmap for visualizing this clustering of a similarity matrix but there's got to be a better way, because in reality i have more than there 14 groups of 7, I have like over 100 groups of 7. The labels on this example aren't great, but the graph gives you an idea of what you're looking at.

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