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Christianity complain 

I love the "this article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed [what does this mean?]" part

Like, what *does* "peer" "review" even mean, man?

@bgcarlisle @luminesce And if you're not in R Studio or want to set this directly, find your .Rprofile file and add (as one option):

formals(quit)$save <- formals(q)$save <- "no"


@gwmngilfen @nextcloud If it depends on the host computer having a library installed, then you typically have to include it yourself and it has to work for everything. Generally, if CRAN can't get your thing to run as-is on everything from Solaris to Windows with only what you provide and other CRAN packages, it doesn't work (with a handful of small exceptions for libraries they provide, like FFTW3).

@gwmngilfen @nextcloud Nice - things that depend on external libraries like that one probably does often end up being hard to get up there, though.

#GitHub is blocking users based on national origin, citing US trade controls law restrictions....

People from #Iran, #Syria, #Crimea, #Cuba, and North Korea woke up one day to lose access to all their public and private repositories. There's reporting that even people *who traveled* to any of those countries in the last 2 years are losing their data...

And #GitHub has not said ONE WORD ABOUT IT.


Read more:

@stragu Nah, I've got another one related to the Wishart distribution, but it's the first with new methods

@gwmngilfen So if you already have a package made up and the code is clean and it's well-documented and it's not utterly trivial, pretty easy. If you have a few functions that you're thinking of turning into a package, it might be some work.

@gwmngilfen It's not really all that hard - you have to make sure it passes all the automated checks, all intellectual property is accounted for, and that everything in the package is well-documented (if you're implementing the methods in some paper, it is strongly recommended to refer to it).

All right, got an e-mail that my MixMatrix package is now on CRAN, if you do stuff with matrix variate distributions, especially mixture modeling or discriminant analysis!

Biostatistics culture is finding an .Rhistory file in every folder on your computer, and not having a clue why there would ever be one there

📁 / 📄 / :rstats: / ⁉️

Unless you're a journal of proctology, please, be careful how your journal title abbreviates "analysis".

Somebody asked about an R package for non-uniformly spaced FFTs - there isn't one. However, there are some C and C++ libraries. It shouldn't be too much work to write an R wrapper that's like the FFTW wrapper, and it would be somewhat useful, but I just don't have the bandwidth right now.

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