@sashka yeah i solved it eventually, just had to do some different packages

oh no apparently STANLEY MILGRAM invented the word cloud

@Cyborgneticz That's what every dissertation is! The only important thing is that you try to go back later and turn parts of it into publications.

@CottonFields Something like this could work, I'll have to look into it.

dissertating 2 

@Cyborgneticz let's goooooo good luck

anything out there on statistical analysis or machine learning on source code/software? eg, clustering on a bunch of scripts to find similar ones within a corpus, things of that nature?

every single social network needs to implement a "timed mute" feature, and it needs to have timeout options longer than a week and shorter than infinity, looking at you mastodon

all right folks, starting my NEW JORB tomorrow as a data science leader guy or something. i'm pretty stoked.

reviewer response just in, minor edits, no mention of how i'm obviously an incompetent who doesn't know anything at all about anything despite my best efforts.

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i'm becoming more and more concerned the longer they put off revealing they know i'm an impostor

while preparing slides for my talk yesterday i noticed that the caption on one of the figures in version of the paper we just revised and resubmitted was not updated appropriately FML

yesss this talk is slagging deep learning/AI in medical imaging

All right, my session starts in an hour. I'm the last speaker in it but still.

i'd understand a lot more about what's going on at this imaging conference if i knew anything about the brain

@mplouffe cool, i'll check it out. any suggestions on literature to read?

Okay work for this week: preparing my presentation for this imaging conference!

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