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Deep Earth history events coupled with explains biodiversity disparity in the tropics. Earth globe europe-africa! Huge thanks to @AlexDSkeels
, @RenskeOnstein
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publication @PNAS hot off

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Short summary of the research behind 2 publications from my PhD (in German and English). Check it out! Partying face
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open access from day one!

My fist non open access paper. 😥 group policies do not agree on paying so much for a open access... somehow I agree but makes me sad not to have my entire pub. record open. Let me know if you would like to have a copy. Here we looked into geology, paleoclimatology and biology to gain insights into the origins and formation of the cold-adapted flora of the Northern Hemisphere:

Mountain building, climate cooling and the richness of cold‐adapted plants...

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-the doctrine that God is the transcendent reality of which the material universe and human beings are only manifestations: it involves a denial of God's personality and expresses a tendency to identify God and nature.
-any religious belief or philosophical doctrine that identifies God with the universe.
On the groove to sail/push/break tough! Life is good and it is asking you to turn off your lights and look at the stars.

Toughs in Portuguese 

O Governo é Máfia
E Máfia é Governo

Do you think that big corporations generate common wealth? Are wages and productivity parred? Humhum

Include more man into feminism... and the future will be brighter and nicer, much nicer. "Supposed? Cuz I'am a man? You don't understand" 😂

Very proud of my hack....Forest reserve (Freshwater Creek) in Belize with little resources to do accurate measurements of crown coverage, which is relevant to find out the best way to enhance growth of Mahogany (very over-exploited in the past here). Without buying equipment, field personnel can now take 360 images of the gap using free app while an R script (free software) can calculate precise crown coverage. Will need to borrow at some point an equipment for the calibration. Happy free day

New bird, happy to see you rising from the Pleistocene. It was about time to decentralize.

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