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What's on my mind ??

What's the purpose of my life? Mostly purposeless :)

But that's discouraging

Ohh got it...the purpose is to free myself first ;) Then think of it again

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We really need a project in material science or at least energy materials..
Its sad that all my put into investigating a material goes wasted if it doesn't work.
It would be very nice if people are able to their failed stuff and still get due credit...may be such an initiative also help overcome fear of publishing open access bcoz its a failed project..

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Let's talk about #AcademicAnarchism

It would be interesting to have something similar to free software movement in #Academic publishing..

Conventional Open access journals do not offer any solution. It is not a choice to publish paying 1000s of dollars for a so called reputed 'open access' journal or settle to publish in an OA journal that no one reads..

Any ideas to cleverly circumvent the capitalist system in academics?

In Erlangen for a lab visit. Its very cold here..But awesome food.

Can anybody help me to setup and use a server using to get a hostname, IP address etc..I have very basic understanding regarding this only..any simple guide will be helpful

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features still missing from mastodon: the "solidarity, comrade" button for when someone posts something deeply personal/emotional and you want to show support without the weird implication of "hell yeah your inner pain is my favorite"

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Trailer camping, solar power Show more

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You can avoid #YouTube's weird algorithms and broken subscription system by subscribing to channels through RSS instead. You don't need an account, just a feed reader.

Put the channel's username in this address:

You can then add this RSS address to your feed reader app.

For example, OnePotChefShow's RSS feed is:

You can also make RSS feeds from channel IDs (strings of letters and numbers):

#RSS #BringBackRSS

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Please do not shame people for existing under capitalism.

This includes shaming people for not participating in a boycott you're privileged enough to be able to participate in.


have been using for quite long for . But the newer versions have locked the source code.
Thinking of shifting to now.
Anybody familiar with other good free graph/plotting softwares for GNU/Linux (other than GNUplot, SciDAVis) ?

, /Linux

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In most places in India mains power is not present 24x7. Even in big cities, there are frequent power cuts. I self-hosted for a long time on solar power. But, I had to move, and now I run on mains power. Now, I suffer significant downtime due to power cuts. I'll have to work out some battery backup system to get my uptime back on track. Power cut issues are why I don't recommend XMPP to anyone, even though I use it. I wish P2P IM systems like Ring would improve. Over-dependence on server availability is an issue. Even in developed countries, will power supply continue to be reliable given our energy and environmental crisis? I think we need a less energy intensive and more delay tolerant Internet.
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is more usable now for messaging and video calls. give it a try 👍

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Spain, new efforts on climate change Show more

Our paper on the effect of an element' s atomic mass in tuning the defects and properties of a is accepted now 😀

Also discusses how this would help create cheaper solar cells without additional charge extraction layers.

available here :

It was interesting how changing from Antimony to Bismuth in a structure reduced conduction band side defects but increased valence band side defects !!

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Hi all, I am a political theorist, urbanist, democrat, communist, anarchist, libertarian, and geographer. I am interested in democracy and free software.

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I wonder if "familiarity bias" is a thing?
Like confirmation bias, but we prefer to stick to things that are familiar rather than spend the effort to learn something new, even if the new thing is clearly or obviously better .... 🤔

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What do you think of the idea of using as a platform for projects ?
Something like project
would be more fun and easier that way.

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@harikesh Regarding your point about "generally the most 'efficient' ...", this might be a better-worded statement than you intended, as I learned in environmental economics that mainstream models tend to not involve considerations of sustainability/externalities, so though they may point to "efficient" outcomes, those tend to be different from the "sustainable" and efficient outcomes. So there can be a choice that isn't often pointed to: efficient solution or efficient AND sustainable solution.

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