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Harm van der Gaag @harmvandergaag
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Hi, my name is Harm, a strange-sounding name for English-speaking people, but it will have to do. I'm a 50 y.o., upper middle class, cis/he/hetero, happily married, white father of one, doing a PhD on at Utrecht University. I'm self-employed as a private philosophical tutor (some would say 'counselor', but I don't give counsel), teacher, and writer. I'm far left politically. I sing the praises of good wine, high art, and beautiful women. I sin boldly. Nice to meet you.

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@harmvandergaag Hello Harm, nice to meet you! Nice to see philosophically minded people here. I did a PhD in psychology, but spent a lot of time reading philosophy, particularly phenomenology (not Hegel's, but Husserl and his followers).