In possibly the biggest news story in the of , and in generally big news and hopefully sign of greater things to come, Linus Torvalds is taking a break to learn

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I truly believe that #ActivityPub (the protocol behind #Mastodon) has the potential to redefine the way we create and connect on the internet. But to get there, we need to spread the word - a network is only as valuable as the people in it.

I want to get that ball rolling - I wrote a blog post about how ActivityPub is going to change the internet. Check it out here: And please boost/share to your other networks so we can keep making the Fediverse bigger!

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Finally: 'master/slave' terminology removed from Python . May appear superficial to some, but signals like this entrenched in tech culture contribute to exclusionary environments.

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How can Mastodon be made more accesible for birbsite friends that don't fully grok instances and such? I have a lot of people there that would like to be a part of something here but it's too much for them to figure out what to join and how.

How Aristotle Created the Computer - The Atlantic … A good read, but disappointing there was no mention of Ada Lovelace or Grace Hopper, both who's contributions fit with the theme of insights that bridge the symbolic and material.

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I have recently learned about Scholarly Hub, a membership-driven hub for sharing research and teaching, connecting with others, housing pre-prints, and more. Seems like something like but not for profit and that doesn't sell your data. Check it out:

Maybe kind of like a co-op for scholars?

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Some things never change. Like the cockroach carcus in the stairwell between floors 5 and 6 of my building that's been in the same upside down position since early summer.

There is a leading an officer around the train station that just seems so happy to be trotting around, investigating people's food, making people . I seriously question whether this adorable pup had any actual training.

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Also, "biological sex" is also a social construct. Have a nice day

Or running my own sounds like a nice idea but not necessarily worth the effort.

Thinking of changing my username to 'dkm' for more professional toots and use hazybluedot at perhaps for more personal... Thoughts? Is it worth the effort?

Also: "professional toots", does anyone *not* giggle when thinking about that phrase?

Greetings all. I am a PhD candidate in Engineering Education at Virginia Tech and a strong advocate for the re-decentralizing of the internet and web! Now I just need to train myself to go here before Twitter.

Scholar Social

A Mastodon instance for academics

Scholar Social is meant for: researchers, grad students, librarians, archivists, undergrads, academically inclined high schoolers, educators of all levels, journal editors, research assistants, professors, administrators—anyone involved in academia who is willing to engage with others respectfully.

We strive to be a safe space for queer people and other minorities, recognizing that there can only be academic freedom where the existence and validity of interlocutors' identities is taken as axiomatic.

"A Mastodon profile you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference"

"Official" monthly journal club!

(Participation is, of course, optional)

Scholar Social features a monthly "official" journal club, in which we try to read and comment on a paper of interest.

Any user of Scholar Social can suggest an article by sending the DOI by direct message to and one will be chosen by random lottery on the last day of the month. We ask that you only submit articles that are from *outside* your own field of study to try to ensure that the papers we read are accessible and interesting to non-experts.

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