Hey, I am Hendrik, a PhD-student at Linköping University (Sweden). I work a lot with Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. I am currently charting the neoliberal turn in U.S. Congress by looking at the representatives' language. Happy to be here!

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@hendrikerz Hej, welcome! Your PhD Topic looks interesting. Will you write about it here? Do you classify usage and expressions first and then look for it in texts or do you look at texts and extract patterns?

@maikek Hej! Thank you for your interest! I will most definitely write about my research here.

If you're interested, I have a research blog where I frequently write about my thoughts and the research process. Some article that shows many of my research interests concerns the Ampel-Koalition in Germany:

To answer your question: Neither nor; I'm an adherent of the "Text as Data" movement that attempts to utilize text as a source for statistical inquiry!

@hendrikerz Sneaky 😎 . Maybe @rkbw likes your approach too, he has done his PhD in computerlinguistics.

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