I mentioned traffic nuisances earlier, right? Here’s directly one example.

Normally, everything in Sweden is 100% digital and app-based. This means easy, no-interaction service. However, for some reason, Stockholm Lokaltrafiken’s app stopped processing payments (the card is confirmed working).

Paying sans app gives you this medieval piece of paper, without the handy QR code so that you must interact with an officer at the metro entrance.

Therefore: ALWAYS make sure you have proper backup.

@hendrikerz same here in Norway for example with cash money. Haven't used (not even seen) cash money for about a year (and actually only once since I am here).

@ronnybergmann Yes, this cashless approach is very appealing. I am estranged a little bit by now whenever I'm back home in Germany and have to withdraw cash.

@hendrikerz I will only be able to tell you in June, because I have not yet been back in Germany since I left 02/2021.

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