Never before have so many if the authors who submitted to Fishyscapes been in the same room! Very cool workshop in Zagreb on Robust Scene Understanding organised by Uni Zagreb and Uni Wuppertal!

Good things take time: After good feedback at the NeurIPS WS our continual, self-supervised domain adaptation for generic indoor semantics is now available on RA-L!
Main work was done by Jonas, who is now at RSL.

Since I am I want to try a different approach than twitter: More behind-the-scenes info from my robotics research.
This is a little robot I‘ve been working on with my colleagues & students. Usually in robotics we make experiments once for a paper. Even tough we research autonomy, each paper is only a few aspects and the rest is scripted. The goal of this robot is to build a reliable autonomy stack such that it can regularly drive around in our lab. It just made its first steps 🍾🦾🦿

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