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More about historical population datasets

Buringh, Dr. Dr. Ir. E. (Utrecht University) (2020): European urban population, 700 - 2000. DANS.

This dataset contains estimates of the urban population (in thousands of inhabitants) between the years 700 and 2000 in 2,262 European settlements.

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¿Cómo habría sido viajar en la antigüedad con Google Maps? ¿Te imaginas que esta herramienta hubiese existido en la época del Imperio Romano?
Pues esta idea también la tuvieron Walter Scheidel, profesor de Cultura Clásica, y Elijah Meeks, especialista en Humanidades. Sin pensárselo dos veces han creado Orbis, una plataforma que recrea fielmente las rutas disponibles para viajar por todo el orbe romano. Puedes probarlo en este enlace: #historia #mapas #imperioromano

If you want to work with historical population data, I recommend

Bosker, M.; Buringh, E.; Van Zanden, J.L. (2014) "Replication data for: From Baghdad to London: Unraveling Urban Development in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, 800-1800". Harvard Dataverse, V1.

Reba, M. L.; F. Reitsma; and K. C. Seto. (2018). "Historical Urban Population: 3700 BC - AD 2000". Palisades, New York: NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC).

Increased Longevity in Europe: Adding Years to Life or Life to

By Iñaki Permanyer ICREA Researcher (CED)
Octavio Bramajo Junior Researcher (FI CED/UAB)

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@hgise CrossRef has a search too, it covers anything that has a DOI as far as I understand:

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@hgise semantic scholar ( mostly. And I have a custom config for searX ( on my machine for academic stuff too. I have also been looking into base search a little (

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@hgise Google Scholar, Ebsco discovery, Web of science, citation gecko

Thanks for your answers.I am looking for a Google Scholar alternative!

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Which academic search engines do you use?

This is called Climate Change. And it a big-big-problem

Total Nights >=25°C minimum temperature...

I published this paper about 10 years ago, when my research just started.

Some controversial issues of historical cartography. The case of
the First Carlist War in Catalonia. In Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia, 73, 2012, 193-210 (in catalan).

I know I do not toot very often.

Is there a maximum time to login from which the account is deleted, in this instance?


Ikerbasque - the Basque Foundation for Science offers 10 permanent positions for researchers willing to develop a long-term scientific career in the Basque Country. This call is open both to established researchers as Research Associates, and senior leading researchers as Research Professors.

More info:

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What do your #plants do when you are not looking!

These processes are called Nastic movements :blobcatnomplant:

This is quite interesting (in catalan).

Col·loqui molt interessant:
Ciutat i territori a la cartografia espanyola: una perspectiva històrica (City and territory in Spanish cartography: a historical perspective).

09 and 10/06/2022 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Sala d'Actes de l'Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya ()


More info (in catalan)

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