What do you do when you have a primary source but the only place you can find it online has a horrible and unprofessional URL?

Also, how do you cite a Comintern resolution in Chicago?

So I'm reading some Durkheim for my Social Science Theory course and it's coming along... Bad.

Oh right

I think it went well

They said I was an strong candidate, especially for just an undergrad sophomore

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I have an interview for an internship in 2 hours and im really stressing out!!

let's all just appreciate the example image on wikipedia's rabbit article

Trans Stuff 

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I'm writing a biography of the man my University's student historical journal is named after. If I do a good enough job, it could be a permanent fixture in future volumes, which is.... *so* rad

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On fatalism 

I just got clocked as trans by a classmate when I was just trying to go out in boy mode.

What do I even make of that? Is my Girl Power that strong??

I did it! I applied for an Archives internship!

Now to wait until mid-April...

β€œWhat books didn’t influence me?

If only someone would ask that! I’ve been waiting for years to answer it. Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, I will say, had absolutely no influence on me except to cause hours of incredulous boredom. I thought in all fairness I ought to try The Fountainhead. I gave up on page 10.”

β€” Ursula K Le Guin

Anyone got any tips on how to write a cover letter/ spruce one up to sound presentable with no real applicable experience?

Like, the internship itself is explicitly geared toward undergrads with no experience in the field but like, if that's the case I dunno why they required a cover letter tbh

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Writing a cover letter for an internship is REALLY hard when the only jobs you've had are a donation attendant for Goodwill and a restaurant server and you have no applicable expertise for archival work

The worst thing about taking this semester to focus on finishing my prereqs and gen eds is that I'm taking almost all lower level courses and I constantly feel like I'm not doing enough lol

I haven't written a single essay, and I feel so.... lazy

So, I found out today that my roommate is violently transphobic (thankfully, not by coming out to him)

I kinda don't wanna go back to my dorm

Not really related to academia at all but:

I haven't been getting REALLY into science fiction and especially science fantasy lately. I am totally open to recommendations. Right now, I'm reading The Gods Themselves by Asimov, but Dune is on my reading list at some point.

There's a neat sci-fi story I wanna write and submit to a magazine if I can get around to it.

This past weekend, I:

- Started seeing someone for gender therapy (!!!!!!)
- Got a wisdom tooth come in that's been giving me incredible amounts of trouble

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