teaching (advice/comments welcome) 

i have only ever taught double sections as the instructor, and i feel this way every time! and it's also hard to internalize that the second section students do not have a perfect access of the morning class and thus are not equipped to make comparisons to see if they are getting the exact same patter.

the two sections will always diverge slightly, because they are different students with different interests and backgrounds, so i can't expect mirroring anyway.

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teaching (advice/comments welcome) 

after a long break from teaching, i'm back at it again (high school students, pre-college art program) and remembering that i truly do not enjoy teaching the same class twice in one day, but i'm running both sections for this session. i always feel like the second section suffers because my patter is a little less organic and i'm more likely to forget things because i recall saying them for the morning section and don't manage to start with a fresh slate.

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Doing an all-call: Looking for BIPOC in the fields of environmental science/policy/justice/education. Reason: I have had only one BIPOC professor, and only one peer in my department, and I'll finish my BS soon. I want to know it's possible to look like me out there. boostable

(i still haven't totally committed to the term 'sellsword TA', i'm trying to think of the right phrase to describe my relationship to this class)

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a11pm on a sunday night is a *great* time to remember that the semester starts tomorrow and i'm a guest/sellsword TA for a monday/wednesday class

for some reason i thought it was a morning class and then looked at the 'welcome to class' email just now and it says 6:40pm

off to a roaring start

remote teaching 

i read about someone who planned to teach a poetry class purely by physical correspondence as a response to not wanting to teach over zoom ever again, i should track that person down again and see how that worked out this semester

(i absolutely could not get away with a 100% no-computers approach to this class but even if i could do 50% no-computers i would be ecstatic)

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teaching next summer 

god, the last time i taught a whole class was in...2013? i've learned a lot since then. also, i cannot believe i got handed the reins for the classes that i did, with basically no oversight.

and, i never want to issue grades again, grading is the worst, who in the world even wants grades.

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teaching next summer 

next summer: might be teaching, remotely, a pre-college summer school for high school aged art students

feels real hard to think about next summer right now, but actually, this might be a fascinating experience, and i think i won't be as burnt out on remote teaching as some of my colleagues are, because i...haven't been teaching at all.

can't wait to think about how to get away with as little screen time as possible for these kids :)


it's so trivial but i get the weirdest tiny dopamine burst because canvas explodes confetti all over the page when i successfully turn in an assignment, i don't know if this is institution or class specific (like if an instructor has to enable it), it's so goofy and makes me roll my eyes every time but also smile a little???

okay i should just let myself enjoy the silly thing and move on.

that feeling of '12-14 pages for this assignment feels stout' and then looking more closely at the specs and i'm asked to use 14pt font and double space because the professor is 86 and doesn't want to squint as much

can anyone get me jstor.org/stable/j.ctvdjrr2c (doi 10.2307/j.ctvdjrr2c)? my library has a physical copy but not online access, and i am trying very hard to not have to interact with the physical copy

citations, gender roles 

that feeling of gritting my teeth and cite someone as "Kussart, Mrs. S." because that's how she's canonically cited, it was the 1920s.

(i did some digging and also found her unmarried name, including her first name, but she was only ever published as Mrs. S. Kussart)

SizzlinStudyHall link 


still just getting settled, but you're welcome to come in and join me

(mic/vid all optional, please keep things chill, i'll boot anyone disruptive, etc.)

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friday, 16 oct
1800-2100 UTC
(1400-1700 EDT)

jitsi (link will be posted the day of)

bring your reading, writing, problem sets, code, research, artwork, etc.

personal rambling 

i'm taking two classes this semester because last semester i was bored to tears when i got put on remote duty

i don't think i will take any classes next semester and instead allocate all that extra time to...anything else

i don't regret having coursework this semester, i'm just feeling wholly unfocused about it because This Whole Situation has put all my grad school planning on indefinite pause and i'm trying to reset what i want to commit myself to

have i really gotten to a point at which "insectopedia" by hugh raffles is going to come up every semester for the rest of my life

i've had such a day, logistics+planning are hard, i had to send someone a scheduling email three times before i got it right, my brain is mush, i'm going rock climbing tomorrow and not touching a computer

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