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what is the "analogue loophole"? why do people say that removing the headphone jack would allow companies to restrict your ability to listen to music? (long, serious) Show more

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it gives me so much joy when i use my power of being in charge of stuff to tell students it's totally fine if they put down an alias or preferred name when they're signing up for something instead of a student id that refers to or outright exposes a legal name that i greatly suspect they'd rather not have to use every time they interact with paperwork.

(coming from someone with a force-assigned email id leftover from when i was a student that uses my entire legal first name)

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yesss gonna lead the grad student breakout discussion session this week, let's talk about dogs, i picked eduardo kohn's 'how dogs dream', i'm going to make everyone be as obsessed with ethdography as i am now.

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experiencing a moment of peace by sitting in the middle of a very large city library and reconciling the fact that i'll never read every book

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The ancient Greek word for "bear" was άρκτος.

The Arctic is named after the animal; it's the place where bears are.

Naturally, when you find a place at the opposite side of the globe from the Arctic and where there are no bears, it's the anti-Arctic - in other words, Antarctica.

So the Arctic is Bears Place, and Antarctica is Not Bears Place.

@nsaphra oh not to mention my boss gets confused but slightly charmed by my weird friends with weird names like nwf and munin who occasionally show up in my life and we talk excitedly about moderately sketchy-sounding things that he doesn't want to know too much about n_n

@nsaphra i am frequently found literally halfway inside a wall or a ceiling panel or under a sink or inside a cabinet trying to fix something at work, and my office/workbench is so scary that no one else wants to set foot in there in case they accidentally bump into something that might explode, and no one understands my notes except me (only sometimes me)

@nsaphra i know you said i'm your headcannon pepper but i s2g i have never identified with a character as much as kizzy chao, especially as i was taking apart my tool chest looking for a soldering iron and knocked over a box of assorted googly eyes, spraying them all over the floor, giving up immediately on cleaning them up, and then started disassembling random electronics for parts that were unrelated to the thing i needed to solder

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