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honestly right now the only thing i'm feeling is 'well, if i take a class it's one more thing on my transcript that i can show when i'm applying to grad school', but i have so much post-bacc stuff that one more class isn't going to make or break anything, and i don't like putting this kind of pressure on myself anyway, i want this to be at least more for the sake of learning and growing than for buffing any potential application because i don't actually care about paperwork

i've been leaning towards not taking a class in the fall bc it's been a few years since i've taken a break from coursework. towards the end of last semester i was definitely overwhelmed with All Things that pushed me beyond my reasonable self.

i don't really have to make a decision until classes start, since i'm non-degree and can pretty much beg my way onto any roster (once i joined a class during the 2nd week and it still worked out), so i think i'll just give myself space to feel it out.

anyway i wonder if i want to take a class next semester or if i'm enjoying my break too much (it's halfway through summer break and that's like six weeks without homework).

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we made an offer on a house that we really like and it's been accepted!! shit's moving fast. gonna move in next month if all goes well :)

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Pass all CLI output through lolcat for rainbow colors?

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i fan't believe it took me like three months to think of


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article on cross-demographic environmental activism 

article on cross-demographic environmental activism 


i feel like i'm witnessing something secret when i'm the only person listening to

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Free, subsidized world-wide shipping for products from China is a price we just can't afford to pay.

On the contrary, we're overpaying for this by further destroying our environment and economies.

Mind you: I'm not trying to bash Chinese products here. But please, let's not pretend shipping something worth $5 across the entire globe is something you'll get for free.

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The more I realize that online environments less hostile than Tumblr, twitter and facebook are possible,

the more I get a tendency to simply refuse to interact with people who seem intent on purposely misunderstanding me, irritating me or just not engaging with me on the assumption of good intentions and the desire for mutually enjoyable contact.

& I'm still learning how to treat others like that and checking myself for the harmful behaviors that I have learned on social media.

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