teaching next summer 

next summer: might be teaching, remotely, a pre-college summer school for high school aged art students

feels real hard to think about next summer right now, but actually, this might be a fascinating experience, and i think i won't be as burnt out on remote teaching as some of my colleagues are, because i...haven't been teaching at all.

can't wait to think about how to get away with as little screen time as possible for these kids :)

teaching next summer 

god, the last time i taught a whole class was in...2013? i've learned a lot since then. also, i cannot believe i got handed the reins for the classes that i did, with basically no oversight.

and, i never want to issue grades again, grading is the worst, who in the world even wants grades.


remote teaching 

i read about someone who planned to teach a poetry class purely by physical correspondence as a response to not wanting to teach over zoom ever again, i should track that person down again and see how that worked out this semester

(i absolutely could not get away with a 100% no-computers approach to this class but even if i could do 50% no-computers i would be ecstatic)

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