@bgcarlisle my city has a bar trivia event that's in a different bar every time, and a couple days before they release a puzzle and the answer to the puzzle is its location.

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Pass all CLI output through lolcat for rainbow colors?

@Trashbang this is why i have a dead bird that i keep around to uncurse the lab printer during finals week.

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@Aepasek this sounds like excellent prep, go get 'em tomorrow!

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@dankwraith @chillallmen yeah but they gotta do it until they find the right one

@chillallmen @dankwraith can we make them manually mine bitcoin, like doing sums on a chalkboard

i fan't believe it took me like three months to think of


@nimirea ones that pushed me to try and apply for things that i thought were way above my class. even the rejections were good practice.

ones who encouraged me to prioritize work that would contribute to my own goals over turning down opportunities in favor of continuing to do their grunt work for them.

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