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category theory. gem found on ncatlab. Show more

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I see there should be 25 toots by @blog but I see none

How is that ?


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the first time I have seen this "Please leave your ad blockers on." now I want to see it everywhere

seen on gnuworldorder.info

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In a way, RMS kind of looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter.

Switched from Kubuntu to this weekend. Only thing that really got me, was the configuration of the wireless connection. Although - in the end - it resolved itself miraculously. Adding /etc/apt/sources.list manually was also a new experience. First thoughts: GNOME is elegant & i feel more in control of the system than on Kubuntu & i would still recommend an Ubuntu system to beginners.

Hi all. I'm a master student of computer science and deeply interested in mathematical logic, category theory and functional programming. At the moment i am looking for a programming project to participate in. Possibly , . Love .