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Hi all. I'm a master student of computer science and deeply interested in mathematical logic, category theory and functional programming. At the moment i am looking for a programming project to participate in. Possibly , . Love .

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Hi, @hyperlingg , have a look at John Baez' free and open on-line course on category theory! I'd say here is a good starting point:


Hi @RefurioAnachro , thanks for the pointer! Much appreciated. I will have a look.

@hyperlingg Welcome, i am also interessed in #emacs #math #informatic #logic.

I am also interessed in #data, so naturally #RDF. If you are curious, take a look at that : math.cheredeprince.net

@hyperlingg Chris Allen announced yesterday that he is looking for help implementing an open-source conference management system for LambdaConf to use for its 2019 conference. He'll give as much tutoring as you need. The call-for-speakers opens in ~6 months, so the time to start building is now. :)