A new planetary boundary has been crossed according to scientists in a mammoth study of 'forever chemicals'.

No rain water anywhere is now considered safe to drink, all having levels of PFAS/PFAAs above that deemed fit for consumption. Some of these are understood to be carcinogens & immune suppressants, persisting indefinitely in the environment.

"The cycling of PFAAs in the world’s hydrosphere means that levels of PFAAs in rainwater will be practically irreversible"


#genderdatagap: “If you start at any given article on Wikipedia, you’re much less likely to eventually reach an article about a woman artist than you are about a male artist — and this was true for women across the board,” medium.com/@OpenSexism/erasing

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"Erasure leaves gaps in our understanding of the world, and our failure to acknowledge women’s work impedes careers."


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If you think science & technology exist outside of a society’s political culture, I encourage you to read:
- Race After Technlogy by @ruha9
- Programmed Inequality by @histoftech
- Freedom’s Laboratory by @ColdWarScience
- Algorithms of Oppression by @safiyanoble

Wouldn't it be time for community owned server infrastructure for community interaction? scholar.social/@i_ngli/1086977 consider scholars' associations that host interoperable mattermost, collabra/nextcloud installations?

Reading "Demanding demand: Political configurations of energy flexibility in Berlin, 1920-2020" ... Great to contextualise current energy troubles around , , energyhistory.eu/en/special-is

Today at , I join the panel 'Infrastructured timescapes of the anthropocene and climate change' and will present an analysis of the politics emerging through patterns of time practices within the data infrastructure of corporate carbon accounting.

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Anybody else from / Madrid here? What are you presenting?

An working group is organising a workshop series concerning issues such as and as a workplace, precarious working conditions, and necessary diversification and inclusion in academia - engaging with  , , , . Workshop on that is scheduled for 31st May. More details at stsing.org/value-ing-sts-%E2%8

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Indigenous knowledge systems, podcast 

Ep 190, The Dirt Podcast:

They Told Us So: Indigenous Science

We’ve had plenty of instances on the show of archaeological research bearing out information that existed already in the historical and oral traditions of Indigenous groups. We’ll also examine the relationship of Indigenous science and knowledge with the Western systems that actively invalidate and exclude them. thedirtpod.com/episodes//episo

Last month a journal reached out about reprinting that one scientific paper I'd published.

I thought that would be nice because the journal had since folded and the paper was inaccessible.

After a bit of back and forth they want me to pay them to republish.

Which... It's CC licensed. You can republish it without my permission! Why would I pay you to do it?! It's already edited and everything!

Answer: Pump your citation metrics!!!one

Academic publishing, man. Just shaking my head.

That's awful.

Cryptography professor Matthew Green said that the EU proposal "describes the most sophisticated mass surveillance machinery ever deployed outside of China and the USSR. Not an exaggeration."


An working group is organising a workshop series concerning issues such as research ethics and as a workplace, precarious working conditions, and necessary diversification and inclusion in academia . Want to join & discuss possible measures for our network? Join our team at its upcoming virtual meeting, Friday, 13th May 9am CEST. Join us ("best practice" WG) on our organising platform - see stsing.org/organizing

EU: All messenger services should be required to interoperate.

Also EU: We will fund opensource software, like e.g. messenger clients.

Also EU: All messengers are now required to scan messages for unwanted content locally, before encryption, and notify the gooberment of such communicaton.

Do they even realize that they literally have to make FOSS illegal if they want people to not be able to choose clients that don't spy on them (regardless of message transport)? The answer, of course, is no.

If you needed more reasons to be wary of Elsevier, here's what kind of data they collect about you. For example: whenever you do anything within Mendeley.


Flying Kites with Simone de Beauvoir

Moin :)


"Purely as a philosophical thought experiment, of course, I would have to say that violence is sometimes needed to achieve justice."

March 2023, several communities in hope to gather, share research, constituting a first sts-hub.de/. We are glad to have won as a keynote speaker ! Submit ideas for panels by end of June 2022. We look so much forward to your abstracts!
for @sociology of and many more fields

RETURN · Is a research project designed for the experimental disclosure and artistic investigation of Amazon's return infrastructure ..

👉🏻 return.gruppe5.org

After all: Writing is talking the talk. Coding is walking the walk. So please, fellow peers: Cite your software. Spend some time researching how the authors that your research is based on want to have their code cited. Do your due diligence. Be fair!

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