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unsolicited advice for people with marginalized identities interested in or currently fresh to academic life 

is anyone on Here going to 4S next week?

for some reason downloads from Sage have some fucked typographic errors in the text that I find VERY distracting, but ironically much more so when someone cites well-known affect theory folks in the body of the text

the thing about circulating e. morozov's scholarship: even if it's good, can you trust that the good ideas weren't lifted from a woman of color's scholarship?

if i learned nothing else from this sem of teaching technology ethics, it’s that you cant teach algorithmic accountability of predictive policing tech without also teaching histories of policing and the value systems inherent therein. the students who didn’t engage with what history was offered end up not knowing how to talk about bias. it is legit sad because they’re trapped between acknowledging abuses of policing and fear of (1) ceding that crime isnt preventable, (2) inevitable victimization

should you break up with a high profile faculty member if they won't respond to emails, nor give you an alternative way of contacting them after several direct requests for their time?

where's the line between 'accommodating high profile people with excessive demands on their time' and 'making executive decisions about circumstances that impede your professional training, dissertation progress, and mental health/well-being'?

played Artemis today with a 5 person lan set up. despite the awful networking issues, more fun than i thought it would be. i love playing at the helm

undergraduate musings, white supremacy 

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Academic book that I could write that might actually be fun, but idk about the copyright-type issues:

The research ethics of Aperture Laboratories

It would be an intro to research ethics that takes cues from the flagrant ethical issues that are caricatured in the Portal games to discuss the major topics in research ethics and eventually tie them in to real-world examples

It would be aimed at a popular audience, but usable as an into university course textbook

carbs, food, dieting, keto 

the grad students guest lecturing for you deserve qualitative peer review!

update: it went very well! we had a thoughtful discussion of institutions and sexual assault, and they were able to think about how different ethical frameworks justify different kinds of ethical decision making in that context. then after a 10 minute break we came together for a discussion of Facebook moderating white separatist content. productive stuff!

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assigned Sarah Ahmed's Warnings post as a required reading for my undergraduate computer ethics class, and we discuss that assignment later this morning

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(2 of 2) Unemployed Week 9. #Earrings update 2019-05-05, sets 5 thru 8 of 8. Surgical steel earwires, body in anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper. $11 a pair including USA shipping to or$tarlimanjoppos #chainmail #jewelry #maille #art #mastoart Please Boost

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Endgame spoilers 

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any tips on working with a student who you suspect might have an undocumented learning disability? this question brought to you by 10 weeks of some of the most frustrating 1:1 time I have ever had with a student. nothing I say or do seems to permeate, and I 100% believe they are acting in good faith. Something does not add up here.

“tough love” is a toxic care ethic in which the person responsible for materially supporting and guiding another person abdicates responsibility for the consequences of using violence as a corrective behavioral instrument

ultimately hoping to write about how (young) people differently hybridize the meaning of symbols and terms that older folk might just automatically associate with nasty 4chan behavior, this as a way of expressing a complicated identity and relationship to toxicity

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i have linguistic frameworks for understanding this phenomenon. I'm looking for other researchers currently engaged in ethnographic work with online communities who have observed similar behavior

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