Hiyah! I'm a sociology student and an enthusiastic Marxist apprentice. My research interests include queer materialist (trans)feminism and the critique of value-dissociation. I'm also quite into critical race theory and enquiries into the eurocentrism of the epistemology of social science.

Currently I'm working on a qualitative empirical study on transmasculine feminists.

Looking forward to meet y'all. :)

@bstacey Hi! Thanks for sharing my intro :) Have a lovely day!

@rusty Hello Rusty! Lovely to be here. I had a great time reading your presentation for last year's summer school on Don Mee Choi, "Translation as an Anti-Neocolonial Mode". Also, thank you for pointing me towards Nelson Maldonado-Torres' work. I can't wait to dig a bit deeper, I feel like it might complement my understanding of George Yancy in interesting ways. Have a lovely day!

@bgcarlisle oooh thank you Research Fairy! I hope your fairy-sparkle blesses one with exceptional good luck for academic funding + prompt answers from one's thesis director.

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