Hey academics, what tools do you use when you need to diagram or map out stuff?

(What I'm doing right now involves no quantitative data, so I think Excel won't help me there)

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@icvw Pencil and paper is always my first step, then I tend to use Powerpoint a lot. Depends what I'm working on.

@icvw I use inkscape a lot. It took me a bit of getting used to, but now I use it pretty often for the kind of task you're describing

@susannah wow, never heard of this one before! thank you :)

@icvw usually end up in inkscape for posters, diagrams, infographic type stuff


I'll join the chorus of support for Inkscape. It depends a bit on what you want to do, though. For something like a flow chart, I usually use LibreOffice. For something like an anatomical diagram, Inkscape all the way (usually with pencil and paper as a first step).

@icvw Inkscape and PowerPoint, or pen and paper. I used to use Gliffy but it isn't free anymore. There are also whiteboarding apps (Miro, Mural) but I find them a bit restricted to mind-mapping.

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