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so these days i'm doing shipping work for an e-commerce startup re-selling sneakers. I handle around 400 pairs a day, with a range of prices from around 150€ to a staggering 14500€. When I asked, a coworker estimated the production cost of a pair to around 20€.

according to someone I overheard from my manager's videocall, as of last week the company achieved a turnover of 1 million.

i'm always uneasy with numbers but i find those particularly difficult to parse



who knows how much surplus value I'm feeding the bosses each day (along with sacrificing my time and energy doing dead labour).

great opportunity to reflect on alienation, tho

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happier news (since i'm oversharing anyway) 

on the bright side! i'm looking forward to NOT signing up again for that gig at the end of the month. I got hired as a temp worker in multimedia libraries :)

also it looks like i'm about to get an internship in a research centre?! and my teacher wants that to lead to an actual publication :BlobCatSurprised:

life is rocky rn but it will be alright (inchallah)

happier news (since i'm oversharing anyway) 

@icvw Contratulations 💪

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